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Xbox emulator for android

Do you ever feel like playing XBOX games on android? Do not worry. We are here to help you guys with that. In this article, you will come to know everything about the XBOX emulator like Xbox 360, XEON, DXBX, XENIA for android. You must be thinking that there should be a way to install an android emulator of XBOX or even if you are a computer gamer. We have covered most of the topics here in this article. But first, let me explain what an emulator to the new users is.

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Xbox emulator for android
Xbox emulator for android

What is an emulator?

A software or a computer program allows running a particular software as a disguise on some different device. It is designed to invigorate another device. Basically, we can read the ISO file of android applications and use it on a computer. In simpler words, if we want to use some of the best XBOX 360 games, we cannot, right? We cannot use them as Microsoft has stopped creating the product anymore, but if we want to continue enjoying those games, we have to use an emulator as there is no alternative. Or we buy the newer model, but that is not possible for everyone. So much discussion about XBOX. Let me tell you about XBOX.

What is XBOX?

If you are born in the 21st century, then you must know about XBOX. If not, then either you are not a gamer, or you were sleeping for the past few years. XBOX, which is created by one of the greatest company Microsoft was released in the year 2001 as a gaming console and came into the market as competition to SONY gaming consoles. XBOX is basically famous and meant for games. New models of XBOX have been releasing in the past few years, each better than the last ones with new and advanced features.

The latest model was launched in 2019, which was the Xbox X series. People do not use personal computers as Xbox gives better gaming implementation and experience. In technical terms, you can say that a computer is used for multitasking while Xbox is used for only one purpose: playing games. Thus, it is better than gaming computers as they are ergonomic. We can say that is for hardcore gamers who spent half their time in the living room and have restricted themselves to games. 

How does the Xbox emulator work in android?

In android, the emulator cooperates with the operating system of Xbox in a way that it understands the instructions provided by android. And even android works in the same manner; it also works according to the requirements of the Xbox operating system. If you are thinking about what it is, then keep in mind that a mobile phone uses an android operating system whereas an Xbox uses windows operating system core. How do you think the emulator acts as a mediator between Xbox and android?

It takes binary codes and compiles them to convey between an operating system of Xbox and android. It takes instructions and compiles them to act as a communication device to exchange data from android to Xbox. When any input is placed, the gaming console will send a particular output which would be converted to binary by the emulator. Now this converted output is understood by the android operating system because of the emulator. This method is quite dynamic. 

You must have read about compilers in java if you are from a Computer Science background. It has the same function here. It essentially converts the data or instructions passed by one operating system into a language that is understood by another system. 

How can you download it?

There are two Xbox emulators that are available online, and you guys will be informed about them. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes, websites are banned or are not allowed to use emulators as they are not legal. So, internet providers restrict users from using those sites. However, emulators are illegal but are okay to use them. You can use a VPN to enter the sites and install the emulators. You can install VPNs from the play store as a lot of them are available. 

NOTE about VPN: You can use extensions on Google Chrome on your laptops as well. 

Original Xbox emulator

The Original XBOX emulator is the best first-generation emulator of the gaming console. All you need to do is to install the emulator on the android device which you are using. Once it is installed, you enjoy your favorite Xbox games on your mobile phones. But there is a drawback to this. The language of the application installed is mandarin. You cannot change the language to English. It does not support any language. But it is pretty simple. You open the application and select the games you want to play on your device. Follow the step below: 

  1. Install the third-party application from the website. 
    • – Go to settings and select security. 
    • – Now, when you see the “unknown sources option,” turn it on. 
    • – Click okay when you see this image. 
  2. Now open the application after it is installed. 
  3. Click ok to the dialog box that appears.
  4. Download the games that you want to play.
  5. Hurray!! Enjoy the games of XBOX on your android device. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Android 10 users might not be able to use this emulator due to some issues. The original XBOX emulator is not compatible with the current operating system of android.

Xbox 360 emulator for android

 This emulator can be preferred over the previous one as it supports the language English which is quite popular. To use this application and access the games, you have to download the ISO files of the games, and that is also different for each game that you play. You can easily do this. Just follow the steps: 

  1. Download the application from the internet to your android device.
  2. Open the application. It will ask permission to access the ISO file on your device. 
  3. Install the ISO file for the game you wish to play on your smartphone.
  4. Locate the file manually and then select it.
  5. Now you can enjoy the game freely. 


It is a popular emulator for a personal computer that supports a lot of games on its platform. It is quite easy to install and use because it is stable. But some glitches can be noticed easily here. The best part is that Linux users can also use this emulator since it supports that operating system. Another plus point is that it has a built-in ISO extractor to take out gaming files and save them.

DXBX emulator

DXBX emulator is made to give more and more titles. The developers are working hard day and night to bring in more games to this platform. It is available for only 32-bit window users and comes with a 3DX engine to support great graphics. You can also run this for 64-bit windows by following the steps: 

  1. Right-click once the emulator is downloaded to your windows.
  2. Go to properties.
  3. Select the compatibility option.
  4. After clicking it, enter the troubleshoot and click on “run compatibility troubleshooter.”

XENIA Emulator

This emulator lags a little too much. There are a lot of games, but they all have some issues. Most of them have bugs, so you cannot play smoothly. The games are not very well supported on this platform. But the developers assured the users publicly that they will improve this emulator. For the time being, you can use the emulators as mentioned above and wait for this one to improve. 

You cannot use any emulator on the iOS platform. the apple operating system does not allow any such applications to run. the security is too tight, and thus these emulators cannot run there. You can root or jailbreak your device once the warranty expires to use them. If the device is in warranty, it is foolish to do anything like this since the security of your device will be at risk. 


In this article, the users must have learned about XBOX and the emulators. The users also came across the ways to install the emulators and how they work. Follow the steps carefully and do not download the emulators from the play store. XBOX is the best gaming console people can enjoy its game for free using the emulators on android devices. Hope you have enjoyed this article. Do not forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel of Gossipfunda. Have a great day!!

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