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3 Best Ways to Convert RAW Photos to JPEG Files

A RAW file is an unprocessed picture that contains its original information. Moreover, RAW is the most commonly used file format among professional photographers. However, hardly any device can open a RAW file. For this reason, RAW is often converted to more web-friendly file formats such as PNG or JPEG. JPEG is a compressed file format with minimal quality loss and small size. For example, a typical JPEG file size is about 1.2 MB while a RAW file size is normally about 12 MB. The difference is huge. That is why JPEG gained such wide use all around the world. So we are providing the 3 Best Ways to Convert RAW Photos to JPEG Files!

3 Best Ways to Convert RAW Photos to JPEG Files

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best ways to convert RAW to JPEG. The described ways include a web-based converting platform, and professional and beginner-oriented photo editing programs. Read on to see which file converter suits you best. Learn about reverse image search iPhone which can be used after conversion.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a popular photo editor by Adobe, and you can definitely use this software as a file converter as well. Here are the steps you need to take. 

For starters, open your Library and select a RAW image. Now go to File settings and click Export. You will see a list of formats where you have to select JPEG. Once the file settings are in order, set the desired quality and hit Export to choose the export destination, and finally save the file on your computer. 

2. PhotoWorks

To convert RAW photos to JPEG files, you can also consider using PhotoWorks. Unlike Lightroom, it is beginner-friendly photo editing software that offers professional-grade features yet an intuitive interface. So you will definitely want to use this easy-to-use toolkit again in the future for upgrading your photos. 

So let’s see how to convert RAW files to JPEG in PhotoWorks. First, start the program and select one of your RAW images. Then pick an editing mode, e.g. Auto Enhancement, Black & White, Portrait, etc. Finally, if you’re done with editing your photo, click Save and choose JPEG or other file formats you need. Apart from JPEG, PhotoWorks supports such file formats as PNG, TIFF, BMP, and so on. 

Convert RAW Photos to JPEG
Convert RAW Photos to JPEG

3. iLoveIMG

In case you don’t want to download anything on your computer, consider trying an online file converter such as iLoveIMG. It is a web-based image editor used for not only converting RAW to JPEG, but also image compression, cropping, resizing, and so on. iLoveIMG supports a number of file formats, e.g. CR2, RW2, NEF, ARW, SR2, ORF, PEF, RAF, and so on.

This is how to convert RAW images to JPEG files with this online service. First, open the website. Now you’ll need to upload your RAW files for conversion either from your computer, Google Drive, or even Dropbox. Click Select images and pick one or a few photos to edit all of them at once. Then the program will automatically convert them to JPEG. Finally, save the JPEG images on your computer. 

To sum up, there are myriads of file converters you can try. We have shared the best programs where you can easily convert RAW to JPEG. If you normally edit your photos with Adobe Lightroom, then it might be the right choice for you. Still, Lightroom is designed for advanced editing and might not be worth downloading – you won’t probably use it ever again. However, there is a more beginner-friendly photo editor called PhotoWorks. It offers easy file conversion and the most frequently used tools. In case all you need is file conversion, then consider converting photos online with iLoveIMG. Nevertheless, your online privacy might be compromised. Now it’s time to finally convert your photos. 

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