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8 SaaS Growth Marketing Strategies Worth Attention in 2022

All products on the Internet need decent advertising. Even big platforms that seem to be world-renowned and appreciated by a lot of people make up expensive marketing campaigns in order to attract more real customers. Because knowledge doesn’t mean usage. For instance, we all know about Netflix, but how many of us actually use SaaS Growth Marketing Strategies? 

This is a widespread scenario for paid SaaS platforms. They present users with lots of benefits, which Yalantis described in detail, but how should people find them? This is when businesses that provide SaaS products have to think about SaaS growth marketing. This includes choosing the most appropriate SaaS marketing strategy for promoting their platforms.

Let’s discuss everything in turn.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service” and is an application delivery model. Its main peculiarities are the use of cloud solutions to host the solution infrastructure, a subscription business model, and accessibility from any device through the Internet. Netflix, Google Suite, Microsoft 365, and other platforms are well-known examples of SaaS platforms. SaaS platforms are mostly for B2-B companies. 

In comparison to licensed applications, SaaS platforms don’t require local servers to store all data, are easier to update and manage, and provide customers with better flexibility and more control over the functionality they use. 

However, is it easier to promote them?

Importance of a marketing strategy for SaaS

Despite the fact that SaaS platforms have substantial advantages over traditional licensed applications, there’s still a strong need to inform people about their existence. Companies that purchased licensed software years ago won’t easily shift to another platform, which they will have to pay for regularly. 

8 SaaS Growth Marketing Strategies Worth Attention in 2022
SaaS Growth Marketing Strategies

An effective way to promote your services is to apply digital marketing strategies. You can also create advertisements using an advertisement maker. They will help potential customers find out about your SaaS business on the channels and platforms where they spend most of their time. Digital marketing proves its effectiveness due to its strict focus on customers’ needs and pains. 

SaaS companies will present their products in their best light and attract a lot of attention with their marketing strategies. Remember that there are a lot of marketing strategies, and you should focus on those that are best suited to your SaaS platform and your target audience. Let’s discuss some SaaS strategies that can potentially bring you more customers. 

Top marketing strategies for SaaS businesses

SaaS software systems especially need promotion if you don’t present unique services, have just launched (or are going to) your product, or haven’t promoted it yet. Here’s a list of the most popular and effective marketing strategies for promoting SaaS products: 

Content Marketing Funnel

In general, the content marketing funnel consists of three stages:

  1. Awareness means content production for SaaS to spread the word about your product, for example, by:
    1. writing posts on social media
    2. writing blog posts and guest blogging
    3. creating visual materials, such as infographics
    4. promoting on video platforms
  2. The evaluation also touches upon content creation, but with the aim of showing the real potential of the product and its necessity for a customer. Here you can provide customers with materials that prove your platform’s usefulness, such as case studies or white papers. You should also consider holding special events like webinars. 
  3. Conversion is an important step, going through which a potential customer becomes your constant customer. At this stage, it’s important to persuade your potential customers and get them to the end of the funnel with the right call-to-action, demo sessions, and communication with your sales team. Don’t forget to make the purchase as fast and simple as possible in order not to leave a customer even a second to change their mind. 

The next stage is optional, but we’re pretty sure you’d like to work on it. Even when you get your customer, you have to keep it on your platform as long as it’s possible. We advise you to proceed with SaaS content production, describe the functionality, gather feedback, improve service, and always keep your customers engaged. 

Video Marketing

Among a lot of marketing strategies, videos are one of the most beneficial options for SaaS platforms. SaaS product videos can present your service, its structure, functionality, and advantages better than anything else. Tons of text will never create that bright and entertaining impression that product videos for marketing goals can. Carefully think about creating a series of videos that will be part of your video content strategy. 

Free trials

First of all, free trials are extremely convenient for potential customers. Usually, you buy a costly thing after trying it. The same thing with software. It doesn’t matter how great your content marketing campaign is, if a customer doesn’t see this bright picture after they have subscribed to your platform, you will lose a customer, time, money, and reputation.

A free trial allows potential customers to investigate your platform. In the event that a customer isn’t satisfied, they can leave feedback, which you can use to improve your service. Another scenario is that customers can subscribe to your SaaS product after they understand that your platform is what they were looking for. 


Search engine optimization also helps potential customers find your SaaS product among the thousands of others they can see on the pages of Google. Link building, keyword optimization, guest blogging, content writing, and other techniques for website optimization will increase your rankings and help to push your website up the SERP. 

Build a small, useful, and free tool

Free and accessible tools usually have limited functionality and daily, weekly, or monthly limits. People like to use them. But only if these tools are really useful and of high quality. What’s special about free trials is that one day people would like to get more. This will push them to examine the full potential of the platform.

Lifetime Deals (LTDs)

Lifetime deals are initially a customer’s luck. Customers can purchase a service for the rest of their lives at a great discount in comparison to the price they would pay without such deals. This trick attracts a lot of customers simultaneously, so here you should also think about your platform’s performance. However, don’t organize such events too often, or you will devalue your product in the eyes of customers.

Building User-Focused Communities

User-focused communities will be a great advantage over platforms without them. Users can find answers and recommendations regarding functionality and like-minded people. Besides, in such communities, you can announce upcoming releases, tips and tricks, discounts, special events, and so on. This will create the feeling of a chosen circle of users. Customers really like this. User-focused communities will brighten up the image of your platform in the eyes of your potential customers. They will perceive it as a friendly place and a nice platform to work on.  

Expanding Ad Channels

An expanded list of ad channels can bring you better product acknowledgment, if not new customers. Consider more platforms for promoting your SaaS platform if you clearly see that the platforms you used up till this very moment don’t work as effectively as they did earlier. This way, you will embrace more audiences and bring more potential customers so that they can try your product and then subscribe to it.

 The list we presented is tried and proven by a lot of industry experts and businesses. 


SaaS platforms are constantly increasing their popularity. However, we can’t talk about their absolute primacy over traditional applications yet. That’s why they use of digital marketing strategies will help spread the word about the SaaS products your company provides. 

In the end, we have to remind you: to be careful when choosing your strategy. If you decide to try everything we disclosed in this article, face this task with responsibility and don’t be in a hurry. High quality and relevance should be your main goals when creating your digital marketing campaign. 

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