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Role of a good content writer: Write The Best Useful Article

The role of a good content writer is to submit a regular article to the team. Do not copy-paste from any site. Have a look to get an idea, but write in your own words(style), and do not spin. Your team needs the best article on the topic that covers the entire scenario required. Always think of yourself as a user, then think about the problem, write the main points in a paper, and do some research, then start writing.

Before Reading:

Note 1: In blogging, we need to adhere to two basic principles to scale out. The first is to avoid copyright on content and images. Secondly, Grammer plays an important role. To rank or upscale the article on Google, the article needs to be grammatically correct and must be longer and better than the competitor.

Note 2: Don’t rely on tools (like Grammarly, Quetext, etc.) completely. They are just a helping hand to pace up the work, but cannot be used to do the whole work. Creativity, imagination, and coherence depend on your use case. Please try to use brainstorming and other such techniques to amplify and create awesome content. Feel free to reach out to us if you feel difficulty in understanding any task.

Note 3: Please take content writing (in starting) as a learning process rather than as only a source of earning money. An internship will help you in long run in documenting projects, assignments, content writing, and a lot more.

Note 4: If you are writing a technical article, then do not use bombastic/difficult words in it. Write an article that is meaningful and easy to understand for the users.

Note 5: According to SpamBrain and Google Update on 19 Oct 2022:

  1. Do not use Scraped content. It is nothing but a form of Spin Content.
  2. Keyword stuffing: Do not put the keyword more than recommended. Keywords must be used naturally.
  3. Spammy automatically-generated content: Do not use any Spin tool to generate content.
  4. Follow Content policies for Google Search.

What do you mean by “spin article?

Even changing a few words or using synonyms in the already existing content/article on the net is termed as a “spin article” and treated as plagiarised content, also It is not good for SEO. The Spin article is ignored by Google bots too. In short, spinning articles is illegal and must not be practiced by any good author!

Role of a good content writer

If any of the content writers follow these rules, he/she can write the best useful article:

Level 1: Check if the article already exists

Always check whether the article is already on the site or not. If yes, please inform by the exact URL to the team.

Two methods to check:

a. By google search-> site: abcdefgha.com “Keyword to search”

Use this syntax to search

b. Use the search option on the site itself.


Now you should know about the Keyword( it is the task provided by your team for which your article ranks for).

Level 2: What is a Keyword?

First, you need to understand What is a Keyword? In short, Keyword is nothing but the search term which you type to search on Google and must have some volume(min monthly search more than 200+). Better to learn it from Yoast for more clarification.

You also need to know about what is an irrelevant keyword. After learning both the basics, move to the next level.

We need to put the keyword in our article very smartly to make online money, do not change the nature of the keyword, try to insert it as it is. Read more in Level 3.

Note: The very first line in each topic is the main keyword so use it as it is.

Level 3: Start writing

Always think about the problem as a user, what he/she wants from this post, If there is any problem, then how will he/she fix the issue, etc. Write all the things in a paper, do some research. Read your competitor’s blog, or top search result blog. Also, note down their headings. Then start writing. Parallel perform level 4. If you got a task by your team like this: Task 1: “Role of a good content writer

” Role of a good content writer“-> This is the main keyword, so it needs to be used as it is, at every 300 to 400 words, there is min one keyword required, and max two-> so for 2000 word article min 5 and max 10 keyword required for good SEO. Three positions are predefined-> Put in the first paragraph, in a Heading, in conclusion.

” Role of a good content writer“-> This is the main topic and main keyword, so we need to focus on this more and at top priority. Put the heading on Google, and You will get two types of suggestions

Every content writer needs to write long articles because of SEO only, short articles do not rank on Google these days. But it does not mean that we add irrelevant points/words in the article. The best way to increase the length of the article is to add related search queries or the people also asked for.

  1. FAQ/FQA/People also ask
  1. Related searches at the bottom

Note down the important ones and useful ones -> this will be our second priority.

Third priority-> Make your own FAQ

Fifth Priority–> Introduction of 150 to 300 words. The introduction means the main important paragraph, which is explaining about the keyword. It also includes the main keyboard. In the simple line why the user read your article, It is the main part, the zest of your article. Also, write a conclusion of 150 to 300 words. But do not repeat the same sentences. This is the biggest blunder done by the content writer.

The introduction of an article is comparable to the drawing room in a house, as it reveals a lot about your mindset and the quality of your work. Just like a well-designed drawing room, the first paragraph of an article plays a crucial role in captivating readers’ attention and enticing them to continue reading. It should be appealing, distinctive, and optimized for search engines. When crafting an introduction, it’s recommended to keep it within a range of 150 to 300 words, avoiding excessive length. Furthermore, it’s important to include the targeted keyword in the opening paragraph to enhance search engine visibility. It’s worth noting that a single paragraph should not exceed 150 words, ensuring that the content remains concise and engaging.

other priority->Write a Meta of 25-30 words. The recommended character limit for meta descriptions is typically around 150-160 characters.

Write a Meta of 25-30 words. The recommended character limit for meta descriptions is typically around 150-160 characters.

Similar to meta titles, search engines may truncate longer descriptions. It’s important to create concise and compelling descriptions that accurately summarize the page’s content and encourage users to click through.

Special Note for tough Keyword:

The task name is always the main keyword, but sometimes it becomes tough to use it as it is, for example, the Keyword is: “why does Instagram keep crashing”. In this case, you need to use it as it is in the first paragraph, the heading (one time), and in the conclusion. And in the rest places, you need to use nouns, adjectives, and verbs only –> So, in our example, “Instagram keep crashing” can be used as the keyword in the rest of the places.

Level 4: own experiments

Once you are assured that your content has enough data, then do your own experiments on your phone and laptop. Take screenshots and add the site logo at the left or right corner, rename the images to the relevant topic. Always compress the image (max 200kb). Use Snagit to make borders and arrows. As we have added the pictures above.

Must read how to screenshot on HP laptop

Level 5: Grammar Check

You need to check the grammatical error, and whether you are a master in your writings. Sometimes we forget to a full stop.

You can sign up free for Grammarly. But, Sometimes the AI of the tools suggests the wrong things. So, Don’t rely on any tools completely use your own brain too. Set to American language, our core focus country USA. Note: Some of the SEO tools providers in the market also provide Grammarly pro at a cheap price.

Check for readability: This is one of the essential parts of content writing. For better readability, use transition words. After crossing this Level, you can move to any of the levels, but better to follow stepwise.

Level 6: Plagiarism

You need to check plagiarism, and we prefer quetext. At every login, it provides 2000 words for free, So use this first. Never copy or write any line from any site. Read from anywhere but write in your own sentence. If the matching sentences are more than 65%, then immediately edit them in your own words.

Not only plagiarism found in your article but also in your image. So, every blog requires copyright-free images.

Mostly try to take a screenshot of your own phone/laptop wherever possible (Level 4: own experiments)

You can use these sites for images (if needed then only):

Never copy past/download Google images. Send all images in a compressed folder to the team. Always rename the image’s name to relevant content. Also, add them to your content.

Level 8: Best format for Heading

Write in a very simple ms word format with Times New Roman Font or Arial font, because they are fast-loading fonts with font-size:

Heading->16, Subheading->14, content->12, bold important words, no extra spaces, follow the punctuation guideline of US English Grammar.

Nowadays, writing on MS Word is an old method, instead of that use Google DOC. Put the very first heading as “title” or “H1 Heading”, then write Introduction ( previously known as meta), after that each main heading will be “H2” and its subheading will be “H3.”

 use Google DOC

A heading should not be more than 70 characters, below that you need to provide a proper explanation (or procedures/steps) in min 100 words. See the below figure for example:

heading should not be more than 70 characters

Level 9: Check any good site

Check our site once how the content writers have written Eg: what-phone-do-I-have

Level 10: Duplicate Sentences

Remember: do not repeat the same sentences, and paragraphs in the same as well as do not use them in other new articles too. It is known as a duplicate sentence and is not suitable for SEO.

Level 11: Content writing through AI tools Like ChatGPT

Content is king. That’s a phrase that has been reverberating through the world of digital marketing for years, and its importance has been further underscored by the ever-evolving algorithm updates of Google. Google’s main goal is to improve user experience by offering relevant, valuable, and unique content to its users.

Indeed, Google tends to favor content that is not only unique but also provides value to the user. This means that it’s not enough to merely generate new content. That content must also serve a useful purpose to the end user, answering their questions, solving their problems, or providing them with important information.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has made the process of content generation more efficient. AI tools are designed to streamline the process, providing a faster and more efficient way to generate content. They can create content based on specific parameters, keywords, and target audience preferences, among other factors. Some AI tools can even optimize the content for search engine algorithms, ensuring that it’s more likely to rank highly in search results.

However, while AI can generate content, it doesn’t always guarantee uniqueness or value. These are areas where human oversight is crucial. For example, AI tools can generate similar types of content based on the same parameters, leading to repetitiveness. Without human intervention to cross-check the content for originality, it could result in duplications, which could negatively impact your SEO efforts.

Moreover, although AI can generate content based on data and logic, it lacks human elements such as emotion, personal experiences, and a nuanced understanding of the topic. This is where human writers come in to ensure the content resonates with the audience, evokes the right emotions, and fulfills its intended purpose.

Furthermore, when we talk about value, it’s important to understand that the perception of value can be subjective and may vary from person to person. While AI tools can be programmed to follow a set of rules or guidelines, they cannot fully grasp the subtle nuances that make a piece of content valuable to a particular individual or group. That’s another reason why human review is essential.

Important Notes for Role of a good content writer

  • Need not to write table of content. It is auto-generated by the plugin.
  • One heading can cover max 300 words, A paragraph must be less than 150 words. Better to put subheading to separate a big paragraph.
  • Do not use future tense unless it is too required.
  • Write less than 10% passive voice sentences.
  • A sentence should be less than 20 words.
  • Do not add words like corona, pandemic, etc.
  • Do not make heading or any word in capital letters/ italic, unless it is too required.


So, now you know what is the role of a good content writer. Follow all the levels one by one. After writing two-three articles, you will be able to write the best. Please bookmark this page. We will further update this article. Put your valuable suggestions below to help the content writer. For any doubt ->ping to your team. Read the blog basicknowledgehub.

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