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Delta Touch Faucet Not Working | Faucet Blinking Red Light-How to fix?

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is for your faucet to malfunction when you need it most. This nightmarish scenario is apparent to Delta touch faucet users who have encountered the alarming blinking red light signal, which means your faucet isn’t working as it should. But you shouldn’t panic just yet. With the right approach and a little sleuthing, you can turn this anxious situation into a successful DIY project. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how you can resolve the Delta touch faucet not working issue with the faucet blinking red light.

Understanding the Delta Touch Faucet System

The Delta touch faucet system is a technologically advanced system that combines innovation and utility, allowing users to turn the faucet on and off with just a touch. However, like any other system reliant on technology, it can experience system malfunctions signified by a blinking red light.

What Does the Faucet Blinking Red Light Signal Mean?

If your Delta touch faucet begins to blink a red light, this usually signifies a low battery level. The design of the faucet includes an LED light that changes its color based on the battery’s charge level. For instance, a solid blue light indicates a full charge, while a blinking red light suggests that the battery needs replacement immediately.

How to Fix the Blinking Red Light Issue

Addressing the Delta touch faucet not working issue is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps you should follow:

Replace the Batteries

When you observe the red light flickering, the first thing to do is replace the batteries. The Delta touch faucet system operates optimally with 6 AA batteries or 6 C batteries. Always ensure to use new batteries, as recycled ones may not provide the power needed to optimally run your faucet.

Check the Solenoid Assembly

If the red light continues to blink after a battery change, the issue may lie with the faucet’s solenoid assembly. This component controls the flow of water through the tap when you touch it, and functionality issues could lead to the faucet failing. Consulting with a professional plumber is advisable to perform a thorough check and repair if needed.

Inspect the Wiring System

The Delta touch faucet relies on a complex wiring system to function. This entails checking the faucet’s wires to ensure they are correctly connected and free from damage. If you find that wires are loose or frayed, you may need to call in a professional to handle the repairs or replacements.

Preventing Future Issues

Maintaining the Delta touch faucet system can help prevent issues like the faucet blinking red light from recurring. This includes regular battery changes, monitoring the solenoid assembly, and inspecting the wiring system.

Technology has undeniably made our lives easier, and human-centered designs such as Delta’s touch faucet are proof. However, problems can arise now and then, such as the faucet blinking red light, which signifies a problem. As a user, understanding how to interpret these signals and implementing the necessary actions is crucial in getting your faucet back into optimal working state.

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