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Disney Stories Not Working On Alexa- How to fix?

As far as the current era’s sophisticated speaker technology is concerned, we cannot truly go without mentioning Amazon Alexa, known best for its versatile capabilities. However, recently, numerous users have identified a specific issue – Disney stories not working on Alexa. This issue has left many users, especially families, troubled because listening to Disney stories is fundamental to their Alexa routines, entertaining children with magical stories and songs. To get to the root of this problem and provide a solution, we shall delve deeper into this issue. So, hoping to shed some light on this matter, this article will guide you on how to fix Disney stories not working on Alexa.

The Issue – Disney Stories Not Working on Alexa

Amazon’s smart speaker, Alexa, has brought an overflowing amount of convenience into homes since its introduction. Among its various functionalities, one feature that stands out is its ability to tell stories to children, which has made Alexa a favorite among families. The issue arises when a certain category of stories, specifically Disney stories, stop working on Alexa. This problem can be particularly alarming for families as Disney stories are a central part of the entertainment system for many families.

Possible Causes of the Problem

Although the problem may seem alarming, the reasons behind Disney stories not working on Alexa might just be routine hitches. Some likely reasons include software glitches, issues with internet connectivity, or problems with Amazon’s or Disney’s servers. However, before you rush to contact customer support, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to find out why this is occurring.

How to Fix Disney Stories Not Working on Alexa

Firstly, it’s crucial to rule out basic issues – Is your Alexa’s software up-to-date? Is your device connected to the internet? If the solution is not within these troubleshooting checks, explore further with the following steps:

1. Restart your Alexa device:

Simply unplug your device for a few seconds and plug it back in. This can often resolve minor software glitches.

2. Postpone Listening:

It is possible that Disney’s servers are overloaded or undergoing maintenance. Slightly delaying storytime might solve the problem without any further action required.

3. Connectivity Check:

Ensure your Alexa device is connected to the internet. If it is, check the speed and strength of your Wi-Fi connection. A weak or slow connection might cause the Disney stories not to work.

4. Alexa Skill Enablement:

Remember to enable the skill for Disney Stories in your Alexa app. If it is already enabled, try disabling and then re-enabling the skill.

A Final Thought

While encountering a glitch like Disney stories not working on Alexa could be troubling, it’s important to remember that, like any other technology, Alexa is prone to occasional issues. With patience, the right tools, and some basic troubleshooting skills, resolving these hiccups is often simpler than it initially seems. However, if the issue persists, contacting Amazon support may finally be in order.

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