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Facebook Dating Not Showing Likes

Facebook has always been a place where people connect, and in recent years it has stepped into the dating sector with its Facebook Dating option. However, numerous users have been conveying frustration about the “Facebook Dating Not Showing Likes” issue that seems to disrupt the normal functioning of the app. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the problem and discuss some possible solutions that users can implement right away.

Overview of the Issue

Facebook dating was introduced so users could either venture forth to new relationships or establish stronger connections with existing friends. A key feature of this tool is the ‘like’ function, intended to show your interest in another user’s profile. However, many people have reported that they’re facing issues with Facebook Dating not showing likes, leaving users guessing about the potential mutual interests.

Probable Causes of The Problem

Technical anomalies can be the root cause of Facebook Dating not showing likes. It’s also possible that the ‘likes’ might get hidden due to modifications made to the settings unknowingly. In addition, users might not see likes if the other person has removed their likes for your profile, which might lead to confusion.

Potential Resolutions

A basic step users can take to potentially resolve the problem is restarting the app or device in use. Clearing cache and cookies of the Facebook app might work as these temporary files often cause functionality issues. One can also consider reinstalling the app to ensure all the features are up-to-date and operate correctly.

User Engagement and Facebook Dating Experiences

Statistics show that as of June 2021, Facebook has a staggering 2.85 billion monthly active users. With Facebook Dating becoming popular, the annoyed sentiment users have shared over the platform in regard to the likes issue, advises us of how impactful such a glitch can be. Facebook users must feel secure and confident in the app’s ability to track and show interest accurately in order to fully enjoy the Dating feature.


Facebook, as a leading hub of digital interaction, holds a significant potential to shape how online dating is approached. This makes it vital for the platform to tackle issues such as Facebook Dating not showing likes promptly and efficiently. Meanwhile, users can follow the basic troubleshooting recommendations until a more official fix is released.

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