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Fox News App Not Working -How to fix?

The Fox News App is a popular source for on-the-go news, breaking updates and thorough analyses. It’s no wonder that technical glitches leading to the Fox News App not working can leave many users disconcerted. Technical inconsistencies can disrupt the flow of information from the App, leaving many wondering “how to fix the Fox News App?” Fret no more. This enlightening guide will show you the techniques used by technical experts to address such issues, bringing you back into the loop of global happenings.

The Fox News App Not Working – Common Causes

Firstly, it’s critical to understand the possible causes behind the Fox News App malfunctions. Causes can range from basic app issues like software bugs or system incompatibility, to network problems like weak Wi-Fi signals, data restrictions or server-side issues. Additionally, overcrowded app caches or outdated device software can also contribute to the difficulties experienced.

Troubleshooting Steps

Reboot the device: This is the simplest and often the most underutilised step. A basic device reboot can solve minor software glitches causing the application to malfunction.

Check Internet connectivity: Weak or inconsistent network can also be the culprit. Try running another web-dependent app to test your internet connectivity. If problems persist, you may need to move to an area with better signal or switch to a Wi-Fi connection.

Update the App: An outdated application often creates compatibility issues with the operating system of your device causing it to malfunction. Therefore, ensuring that your Fox News App is up to date is indispensable.

Reinstall the App: Sometimes, a complete removal and fresh installation can purge any existing bugs in the App, restoring its smooth operation.

Technical ways to Fix the Fox News App

For more persistent issues, you may need to dive a little deeper.

Clear App Cache: Overcrowding of cached data on your device can lead to malfunctions. Go to device settings, find the Fox News App, click on storage and clear the cache. This process can resolve many lag and freeze issues on the app.

Update Device Software: Compatibility is key between an app and your device’s operating system. Regular updates of your device software can help maintain this compatibility, reducing the chance of your Fox News App not working.

While all these solutions can generally fix the Fox News App, sometimes, the issue could be server-side, which may require patience and a hot cup of coffee while Fox’s technical team resolves the issue on their end.


From a user’s standpoint, technical glitches can be a source of inconvenience and frustration. But by understanding the causes and applying these practical solutions, you can ensure that the Fox News App is up and running smoothly. This will bring back your quick access to national and international news, helping keep you informed about the world around you.

Note: Always remember to backup essential data before performing operations like clearing cache or reinstalling the app to mitigate any risk of data loss.

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