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How To Change Message Color On iPhone

Our smartphones have become our faithful companions, always in our hands, ready to facilitate any kind of communication we need to do. Among the multitude of features that devices like iPhone offer, the ability to personalize your messaging experience stands out. A less known, but quite fun feature to play around with, is the ability to change the color of your messages on your iPhone. Whether it’s to highlight a word or sentence or to simply break the monotony of the familiar blue and green bubbles, changing the message color can add a whole new layer of customization to your device. Today we will learn how to change message color on iPhone.

Change Your Message Bubble Color

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to change the color of your message bubbles in the pre-installed Messages app. All iMessage bubbles are blue, and all regular text messages display in green. However, using third-party messaging apps like Color Text Messages or iMessage with style, you can customize the colors and styles of your message bubbles to your liking.

iMessage Effects

While you can’t directly change the color of your text messages on the iPhone, You can use “iMessage Effects” to color your messages. These effects include fireworks, confetti, or a spotlight. You can also experiment with the “Echo” and “Spotlight” effects, which highlight your message in different colors.

Using Color Text Messages App

Color Text Messages is a popular app that allows users to customize the appearance of their messages. It is available for free in the App Store and includes an array of decorative features including different fonts and backgrounds, and of course, extravagant text colors.

Here are the steps you can follow to change your message color using this app:

  • Download and open the Color Text Messages app.
  • Select “Start” to create a new message.
  • Choose your preferred background and text color from the design options at the bottom.
  • Enter your intended message on the text box.
  • Once your message is ready, tap “next” and send it as a message.

Reminders in Using Third-Party Apps

While it’s exciting to explore ways on how to change message colors on iPhone through third-party apps, it’s important to be cautious. Some apps may contain ads, in-app purchases, or other features that might affect your messaging experience. Always check application reviews and ratings before downloading.

The Future of Message Customization

Last September, Apple introduced iOS 14, with new features and updates, yet message color customization is still out of reach. However, given the increasing demand for more personalized experiences, there is always a chance that Apple might revise this in future updates. Until that day comes, users can make the most of third-party apps to add some flavor to their iPhone messaging.

So, if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your messages or want to make your text stand out, these methods will let you enjoy an enhanced and more colorful messaging experience on your iPhone.

Note: This article does not promote or endorse any specific third-party apps. Use these apps at your own discretion.

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