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One Touch Error 2-How to fix?

Experiencing technical errors when using digital gadgets is quite inevitable. However, it becomes quite frustrating when a favorite life-enhancing technological tool, such as a OneTouch meter, suddenly comes up with a frustrating ‘Error 2’. The glitches can be distressful, particularly when the right troubleshooting measures aren’t put in place. The good news is that addressing the One Touch Error 2 can be done with relative ease at home. In this article, you’ll learn the causes of One Touch Error 2 and how to fix it, thereby restoring your device to its optimal working condition.

Understanding One Touch Error 2

One Touch Error 2 typically shows up on OneTouch Ultra devices which are primarily used in monitoring blood glucose levels. With this error code, your device is essentially telling you that there was a problem while trying to conduct a test. The issue might have to do with the blood sample or test strip used.

Possible Causes of One Touch Error 2

In most cases, the Error 2 comes up when the meter has failed to pick up enough blood for accurate reading. Besides this, the error could also be prompted by a problem with the test strip you’re using or if the strip was not properly inserted into the meter. Misalignment of the test strip, handling the strip with soiled hands or wet fingers can also trigger Error 2. Using outdated or expired strips, or ones that were improperly stored, can also result in this error.

How to Fix OneTouch Error 2

Thankfully, dealing with OneTouch Error 2 can be rather simple for most users. Here are a few suggested steps to correct this error:

  • Use a clean cloth to clean the test strip port. Dust or debris can cause interference with the device’s functionality.
  • Ensure that the test strip gets filled correctly. It’s essential to maintain the appropriate blood volume to avoid this error. You can refer to the user manual for guidance on the correct blood sample size.
  • Always double-check your test strips. Make sure they are not expired, damaged or dirty, as these conditions can interfere with accurate readings.
  • Proper storage of test strips also plays a pivotal role in preventing Error 2. Always ensure that they are stored in the original bottle and the lid is well closed after use.

Preventive Measures for OneTouch Error 2

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. To minimize the chance of encountering OneTouch Error 2, you should always ensure that your hands are clean, dry, and free from lotions or creams before handling a test strip. It’s also advisable to insert the test strip before you lance your finger, allow the meter to turn on and prepare itself first. Most importantly, always use fresh, up-to-date OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips for accurate readings.

In conclusion, navigating issues like Error 2 doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right information and a touch of patience, you can effectively overcome these hurdles and keep your OneTouch meter functioning as it should. Following the above preventive measures also goes a long way in avoiding such errors in the first place. So, feel empowered and confident and take control of your health management with OneTouch!

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