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Resetting Your Owlet Dream Sock: A Clear Manual

As the technology grows, so does the comfort of parenting. A crowning example of this is the Owlet Dream Sock, a device designed to ease the minds of caregivers by tracking the infant’s heart rate and oxygen level during sleep. However, like all technology, one may experience challenges that need troubleshooting. From time to time, the Owlet Dream Sock may need to be reset. There are two main methods to reset your sock – through the device settings and through a hard reset. Find detailed instructions on how to reset your sock below.

Resetting Owlet Dream Sock through device settings

The Owlet Dream Sock can be reset through its associated Owlet Baby Care app installed on your phone. Launch the app and select the “Settings” tab. The app has a ‘Reset Sock’ option to uncomplicate the process. However, upon selecting this option, remember that all data pertaining to your sock is eradicated, and you’ll need to set up your Owlet sock from scratch once again.

Thereafter, follow the prompts to ‘Re-pair Sock’, allowing it to synthesize with the base station. The steps are fairly easy to follow, but the essential part is removing the sock sensor. The sensor should be plugged into the base station and then removed before connecting again with the base station. An integration process follows, and before you know it, your Owlet Dream Sock is reset and ready to use.

Note: Always keep your sock clean for the best results. The Owlet Dream Sock cleaning instructions recommend washing the fabric sock but not the sensor itself as it could damage the electronics.

Hard Resetting Your Owlet Dream Sock

If merely resetting your sock through the app settings doesn’t work, there’s still hope. Opt for a ‘hard reset’ that involves direct interaction with the device itself.

Step 1: Take the sock and push the little round button on it 15 times in row.

Step 2: With the 16th push, you’ll have to hold down the button for approximately 15 seconds. The light on the sock will flash red a few times, and it will finally turn off.

Step 3: Now, let go of the button. The sock has been reset.

However, you still need to connect it back to your base station. Go to the Owlet app, open the ‘Device Settings’, and follow the ‘Re-pair Sock’ prompts. This should connect your sock back to the base station. Voila! Your device is reset and ready to monitor your tiny tot’s health metrics again.

Note: Owlet advises not to hard reset the device frequently as it might cause other technical issues.

The Benefits of Owlet Dream Sock

Regardless of the occasional troubleshooting, the Owlet Dream Sock provides numerous benefits. It leverages pulse oximetry, patented sensor technology, and safe, secure data encryption to give real-time insights on one’s baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. Moreover, the Owlet app provides parents with notifications and instant reports to ensure that the infant sleeps safely and soundly.

To conclude, whether it’s resetting the Owlet Dream Sock through the device settings or a hard reset, the process is straightforward. So, all you need is a little technical knowhow and the strength to disconnect, reconnect, and keep your precious bundle of joy’s health metrics tracked every second. After all, there’s nothing more important than a baby’s health and happiness.

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