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Rocket League error 71 – How to fix?

Rocket League, the popular vehicular soccer video game, has been a centerpiece of the competitive gaming arena since its launch in 2015. But, as with any online multiplayer game, players of Rocket League are frequently dealing with a range of connectivity issues and errors. One such error that has been troubling players is Error 71. This enigmatic and frustrating error typically appears when there is an issue with the game connecting to the server. In this article, we delve into the specifics of Rocket League Error 71 and outline some potential fixes that could help you get back into the arena as quickly as possible.

Understanding the ‘Rocket League Error 71′

The Rocket League Error 71 typically pops on your screen when there is a server timeout. Essentially, this error is an indication of problems with your internet connection or the game’s servers that prevent the game from establishing a stable connection. Players typically report seeing this error immediately before a match begins or at instances of high server load, particularly during popular gaming hours.

Cause of Rocket League Error 71

Based on several user reports, the root cause of this error appears to be related to poor internet connectivity, server outages, and network congestion. The error can also crop up due to the presence of double NAT (Network Address Translation), whereby your connection undergoes multiple translations, thereby increasing the risk of connection errors.

Fixing the Error 71 in Rocket League

The solution to Rocket League Error 71 typically involves troubleshooting your internet connection and the game’s settings.

Check your Internet Connection

Firstly, ensure you have a stable internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, you might experience connection interruptions that can cause the error. Use an ethernet connection, if available, for a stable and uninterrupted gaming experience. You can also try resetting your router or modem if the error continues to pop up.

Change the Server Region

Often the problem isn’t with your internet but with the server you’re trying to connect to. If the server is facing high traffic issues, try switching to a different server region in the game settings and see if that eradicates the problem.

Disable Double NAT

If you’re using a secondary router, there could be a double NAT scenario. You can either try to disable NAT on the secondary router or DMZ the secondary router in the primary router’s settings.

Is the Issue On Psyonix’s End?

Despite trying these solutions, if the error persists, it might be an issue from Psyonix’s end, the makers of Rocket League. During such times, it is worth checking the game’s official social media handles and discussion forums to see if any server maintenance or downtime is pending.

Of course, not one solution fits all, and the one that works might depend on your specific scenario. However, these steps outline the most common solutions to alleviate the Rocket League Error 71. While they may not completely remove the possibility of experiencing this error, they can certainly help you understand and potentially fix it, ensuring a smoother, frustration-free gaming experience.

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