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Spotify Keeps Stopping Mid Song

There’s never a good time for your music to cut out, especially when you’re just hitting your stride in a good song. However, a growing number of Spotify users are facing this exact disruption, as their tunes unexpectedly halt mid-track. This issue is causing considerable annoyance and frustration, but several potential causes and solutions have surfaced, offering hope for a seamless listening experience. This article takes a deep dive into the problem of Spotify stopping mid-song, and lays out the best ways listeners can prevent or solve the issue.

What is Going On at Spotify?

Evidence shows that the issue is not confined to a specific device or operating system. Users have reported Spotify songs stopping on their android phones, iPhones, desktop devices, as well as on connected devices like Google Home or Alexa. The bug appears to be universal, affecting users across various platforms, adding to its puzzling nature.

Spotify’s Response to the Issue

In response to user complaints, Spotify has acknowledged the issue, attributing it to a range of causes from network instability, signal interference, device capacity, to app glitches. The company has been swift in releasing fixes for every identified problem, asking users to continually update their application.

Possible Causes and Fixes

Understanding the reasons behind Spotify’s mid-track outage can help users find solutions more quickly. Let’s examine the possibilities.

Network Issues

Connection disruptions are a common trigger for music stoppages. Your network might be unstable, there may be bandwidth limitations, or you may be transitioning between WiFi and cellular data. Switching your Spotify to offline mode or ensuring a stable and sizeable bandwidth for Spotify usage can often resolve the issue.

Device Limitations

Each Spotify account can only be active on one device at a time. If your account is accessed from another device, your music will stop. Ensuring your account security and limiting account access can mitigate this issue.

Sound Driver Issues

In some cases, your device’s sound driver can be the culprit. An out-of-date or corrupted driver can cause Spotify to stop mid-song. Regular checks to ensure your system’s sound drivers are up-to-date can help to deter this problem.

A Word on (Re-)Installing

A popular route many users have found success with is reinstalling the Spotify application. Reinstallation serves two purposes: a fresh install features the most recent app version, which can potentially resolve issues if they are, as Spotify suggests, tied to particular versions of the app. Secondly, reinstalling allows the app to interface anew with your device and its various elements – such as the sound driver or network manager – effectively giving the app a clean slate to work from.

Looking ahead

Despite recent hiccups, Spotify remains a key player in the music streaming industry, boasting over 356 million active users as of the first quarter of 2021. As they continue to battle with these reported issues, the company does well to remind users to keep their devices updated and to reach out to their customer service for personalized assistance.

While the situation may not be fully resolved as yet, a combination of user ingenuity and technological intervention hopes to bring back the uninterrupted streaming Spotify is widely appreciated for. The next time you find your favorite song stopping mid-track on Spotify, remember that every problem has a solution just around the corner.

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