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Vivint app not working – How to fix?

A recent spurt of issues with the Vivint app has left numerous users across the globe with limited access to their home security features. Vivint app offers a smart home and security service that integrates all connected devices into an efficient, easy-to-use system. However, if the app stops functioning correctly, it can lead to significant problems for its users as they rely heavily on the app to manage their home security needs. Fear not, though, as we’ve investigated and come up with some helpful solutions to get your Vivint app back up and running.

What’s causing the Vivint App to stop working?

It’s essential to understand what’s causing the Vivint app to stop working correctly before diving into solutions. Various factors can cause the issue, ranging from simple network connectivity issues to more complex problems like incompatible devices or outdated software.

Initial Troubleshooting for Vivint App

Ensure You’re Connected To the Internet: However obvious it may seem, it’s often overlooked. A smooth, stable internet connection is crucial for the Vivint app to function properly.

Update the App: If your Vivint app hasn’t been updated in a while, it can cause various functionality issues. Navigate to your device’s app store, check for updates, and immediately install if there are any pending ones for the Vivint app.

Solving Device Compatibility Issues

Vivint app not working on Android: Moving to a new phone is exciting, but not when your essential applications like Vivint refuse to function correctly. Many users report that when they switch to a newer Android model, their Vivint app poses compatibility issues. Such concerns usually lie in the app’s version clash with the Android version. It’s advised to ensure that both your device’s software and the Vivint app are updated to the latest versions.

Vivint app not working on iOS: Similar to Android, the Vivint app might face compatibility issues on iOS. Typically, it is observed when Apple rolls out an upgrade to their iOS version. As a simple resolution, updating the app, or in some cases reinstalling, seems to be the magic trick.

Resetting the Vivint Panel

If the issue persists, resetting the Vivint Panel often helps. The panel is the heart of your Vivint system and sometimes a quick reset can resolve numerous issues, including the app malfunctioning. This can be achieved by pressing and holding the access point button on the panel for around 2 seconds, after which the panel will restart and hopefully rectify any persisting app issues.

Get in Touch with Vivint Support

In some cases, if none of the above solutions work, it may be time to contact Vivint’s customer support. They have a team of professionals who can assist you in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

While technical issues like these are frustrating, they’re also inevitable in our modern, connected world. As Vivint continues to streamline its app, bugs and glitches will be ironed out, making the user experience smoother. Until then, these troubleshooting tips can help you keep your home safe and your app running smoothly.

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