Change Language on Samsung TV

How to change language on Samsung TV?

The procedure of modifying the language on a Samsung tv ranges with their model, and every model needs a different approach.

Changing the language of Samsung tv using remote

1. Go to the settings app of your tv utilizing a remote 2. Tap on the support option 3. Now click on about this tv

Models before 2014

1. Tap on the menu button of your tv remote 2. Select the system option from the list of menu 3. Select menu language

4. Now, the list of all languages will be shown. 5. Select your desired language by clicking on that language

2015 models

1. Click on a home button of your tv remote 2. Now choose the system option from the screen 3. Tap on a menu languages

4. List of all languages is shown 5. Select your language by tapping on that option

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