In today's web story, we will deal with dcb_association in our smartphones? Whatever We have cultivated should be shielded in this fast-growing and expanding world.

What is DCB_Association?

DCB called Direct Carrier Billing, and Association conveys a connection or coordinated relation between individuals or parties.

How DCB_Association works?

Carrier transmits a confirmation text in the format of DCB_ASSOCIATION: [authenticationID] to the particular user as a token of the transaction billed through properly.

Post-transaction completion

Once this DCB_ASSOCIATION authentication procedure is finished, the network carrier has been promoted as a payment option in the Play Store as a default setting.

Who can use DCB as a payment service?

The DCB_Association payment assistance can be employed by prepaid, postpaid, and broadband customers, in brief by anyone who has internet.

DCB_Association in AT&T

AT&T began permitting its users to utilize the DCB_Association way to create various kinds of purchases.

Adding DCB Payment Mode

1. Explore Google Play Store app. 2. Select the Menu icon. 3. Chose Payment methods 4. Tap Add payment - Pick the DCB method. 5. Press OK.

Removing DCB Payment Mode

1. Go to the Google Play Store app. 2. Select on the Menu icon. 3. Chose a payment method. 4. Tap on More payment. 5. redirected to Google payment center 6. Remove now.

Tips and Tricks

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