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DCB_Association- What is dcb association in our phones?

In today’s concern, we will deal with what is dcb_association in our phones? In this quickly developing and developing world, what we have acquired should be protected. For what is the use of collecting something and achieving milestones when they cannot stay with us till we want. Everything has to be locked, chained, and kept safe from intriguers if we do not want them to go, never to return. Whether it is a huge bundle of Gold or a single statement by a judge that will conclude a case, both have to be kept hidden from the eyes of the greedy. Today’s world has come a long way while tackling and defeating the most difficult of problems.

We can see it in the real world every day. A stack of data or a sack of Gold is both equally important. We cannot say that one is more precious than another. This is because the data we are talking about is confidential, that is it has to be kept a secret. It can skyrocket the shares of a company, or compel another company to go bankrupt. All these things can be performed by someone in just a flick of a second.

We cannot even try to imagine some important data being thrown over the internet without any lock on it. Well, the lock we are talking about is not the physical one, it is a virtual lock, the encryption that is carried out on files before transferring them. Like the physical lock that we use in our homes, this virtual lock or encryption also has a key to open it, known as the decryption key. That key will open the lock and we will be able to use or view the data.


While we transfer the data from one system to another through the internet, we must encrypt it. This is because the internet is an unsafe place. Even the black-hat hackers can gain access to our data if it is not protected. And we cannot physically protect it, so we use encryption. Some somethings seem to be suspicious, but in reality, they are not. One of these so-called suspicious things is a message with the hash ‘DCBassociation. Many users have seen this message on their phones.

Getting suspicious texts like DCB_ASSOCIATION: Y3890K4007OOA7ASO9JOAF2UV8JFFUBAAI has always led somebody to go into alarm mode. Most of us are clueless about what the very text spells along with believing that we have been hacked.


 No one has any idea whom to call or ask for guidance. We are started questioning what the text from a 4-digit number had to do with us, whether the phone would be settled from opening the text message.

Rigorous feelings, right? All of us want the puzzle to be solved so that there is one thing less to bother about. Let’s examine it further to know the associated topic and clear our confusion!

What is DCB_Association

DCB stands for Direct Carrier Billing and Association means a relationship or collaborative link between people or groups. Most of the time, DCB_Association text is abbreviated which means a text message initiated by google play users when they purchase an application or a magazine, etc from Google Play Store.

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The demand of technology

In this age of modern-day technology, all of us have a smartphone irrespective of design, model, RAM, processor, room, etc. Many of us using the internet as a means of communication. In simple words, we exist in a world of the internet with smartphones. Smartphones are mini-pc that can do complicated works like making a payment or hearing Satsang, etc.

DCB_Association- What is dcb association in our phones?
DCB_Association- What is dcb association in our phones?
What is DCB_Association? While we transmit the data from one approach to another via the internet, we must encrypt it. So how to add DCB Payment or how to remove it? Tips and tricks related to DCB.
By Awill Sir

How DCB_Association works?

To do activities like payment or performing a task, we download some applications to work on from any store. Most Android Users download the applications from the Google Play Store with the help of the Internet.

Some of the applications might be paid for use while others are free to download. Whenever an android user purchases the application from the Google Play Store, the amount is debited either from a Debit/Credit Card or net banking via mobile network carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. The user or the purchaser can opt for their appropriate mobile service provider to be billed for the purchase rather than their Debit/Credit cards linked with their bank accounts.

On completion of the purchase via mobile network provider or carrier-

  • Play Store assigns a specially coded message to the particular mobile network carrier.
  • The message in for of digit or text assists to identify the correct and authenticated phone number, request ID, google account – where all these parameters must correspond with the right party who bought the item.
  • Only if the above situations are found true, the mobile network carrier communicates a message to the concerned person.

The message or text that the carrier sends is a confirmation text in the format of DCB_ASSOCIATION: [authenticationID] to the particular user as an output of the transaction billed via the service/carrier.   

Post-transaction completion

Once this DCB_ASSOCIATION authentication process is completed, the mobile network carrier has been enabled as a payment option in the Play Store as a default setting except we change it. And the DCB text we received was genuine after we had purchased something from the Play Store. DCB is also open on multiple platforms like Computer(Laptop/Desktop), Smart TVs, Smartphones or Tablets, etc.

Now we know that reading the text won’t compromise our phone neither will it hack our system. For safety precautions, it is constantly beneficial to change the account password from time to time.

We always should be conscious of the fact that some malicious activities can be implemented in turn to do suspicious transactions from your Google Play account without your consent for the same. In case, such a situation occurs and you receive a DCB text

  • Change the account password instantly
  • Communicate with your mobile carrier or service provider and notify them about the malicious activity
  • The mobile carrier might refund you if the action found was illegal.

What can be bought using DCB?

We can purchase online virtual things like games, applications, subscriptions, ebooks, e-magazines, or any digital items. However, we cannot buy any physical goods or services.

Who can use DCB as a payment service?

The DCB_Association payment service can be used by both prepaid, postpaid and also broadband consumers in short by any one who has internet.

What is this DCB message?

The DCB message at first seems to be something evil or suspicious. This is because, in most cases, it is sent by some unknown contact. So, you might believe that it is a trap by some hacker or someone who wants to gain control of our system. But as we know, nothing should be decided without knowing much about it. So, here also first know what is DCB_Association and then make your decision.

This is a message that is sent on our mobiles or smartphones. But there is nothing to be concerned about. This is a message that is sent to our mobiles so that your Google play store account can be attached or associated with your mobile number. It is done so that the purchases that you make in your play store will be associated with the mobile number on which the message has been sent. The term DCB stands for the term “Direct carrier billing“.

What is the use of DCB messages?

The DCB message, as told before, is sent to associate your mobile number with your Google play store. Once this is done, then all the purchases you make in the play store will get connected with that mobile number. What happens is that this message also gets sent to your mobile service provider. Then your service-providing company will authorize the message by checking the hashtag of the message. It is has been sent by Google only and has been authorized by the telecom-service provider, then your Play store purchases will be associated with the mobile number. The association is done to make the purchase of services easier. The amount of the item you purchase will be added to your telecom-service bill. So, you will be able to pay it more easily without any use of net banking or other sources. This is as simple as that.

Check if it has been done successfully

Once you get the message, you should also check if this method of payment has been added to your Google play store. This method is relatively easier to follow and complete, as compared to the other methods of payment. For this,

  •  Go to google play store and click on the symbol with three lines at the top-left.
  •  Then choose the “Payments” section and see if the name of your telecom-service provider has been added.
  • If it has been added, then this method of paying together with the telecom-service bill will work on your mobile. Now, you do not have to use other methods such as net banking.

The whole amount of purchase you do on the google play store will be added to your monthly or any other bill of telecom-service. You can just pay the amount afterward whenever you like to do so.

DCB_Association in JAZZ

The Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited does its business with the name of “JAZZ’. JAZZ is a telecom-service provider that also supports many features. It is just like the other telecom-service providers that we use. It provides the telecom service of 3G internet and the 4G internet. We can use these services for various methods. Moreover, JAZZ has recently introduced the new feature of using the Google play store and making in-app purchases, such as for buying books, games, etc. through the Direct Courier Billing method. For this, the users have to do some steps to check if the association of mobile numbers and Google play store account has been done or not.

  •  First, they have to get a JAZZ service of 3G or 4G network over their mobile phones.
  •  Once they have got it, then the service provider will authenticate the DCB_Association connection.
  •  If the connection is authenticated by the service provider, then the user will be able to use the new Direct Courier Billing method on their phones also.

DCB_Association in AT&T

Many telecom-service providers have made changes to their system to support the feature of payment by direct courier billing. One of them, the JAZZ has been discussed above. Another service provider we are going to talk about is AT&T. AT&T is a short form for the term ‘American Telephone and Telegraph’ communications. It is an amazing and very popular telecom-service provider. This has also started allowing its users to use the DCB_Association method to make different types of purchases in the Google play store.

  •   There is no change in the way the method takes place.
  •   You just have to take an authenticated network of AT&T.
  •   Then the service provider will authenticate the DCB message.
  •   If it is successful, you will be able to use the DCB Association method of payment on your phone.

What is the SMS in the DCB SMS?

The SMS in your phone stands for the term “Short messaging service”. It is used to send relatively short messages to someone using the telecon service. It is one of the oldest ways of sending virtual text messages. The SMS service is the most widespread and most frequently used service for sending messages. There is also another kind of messaging service, which can be called the evolution of SMS. It is the MMS, which stands for “Multimedia messaging service”.

What to use, MMS or SMS?

Though both MMS and SMS are frequently used by the users, the Multimedia messaging service is more preferred by the users. This is because of the additional features that it provides. On SMS, we type and send a message comprising of a maximum of 160 characters only. Whereas, in the MMS, we can send images, documents, videos, and characters in huge numbers. That is why it is known as the “MULTIMEDIA” messaging service. The maximum number of characters is 1600 and images do not appear as links, as they do in SMS. SO, you should probably try out the MMS for it is less expensive too.

How to disable the DCB_Association payment method?

This method of payment is amazing and takes away the stress of using net banking. However, some users might keep on fearing this method. And some might want to remove it because they cannot understand how it works. So, for them, there is an option of disabling this method of payment. After doing this, you will no longer receive any type of DCB message and you will not be able to use the method of direct courier billing for purchasing something from the Google play store. For this, you will have to follow the following steps:

  •  Go to Google play store and open it.
  •  Click on the symbol with three lines.
  •  Then go to the payment methods section.
  •  Then scroll down and click on “More payment settings”.
  •  This will take you to a new page. Then follow the instructions.
  •  Then, if the method is present on your phone, it will show an option to disable it.

On disabling it, you will no longer be able to use the DCB Association method for paying for the purchases with the telecom-service bill. Now, the only way will be to pay through online payment methods or using the coupons, if you have some.

Adding DCB payment mode

  • Open Google Play Store app on your phone
  • Tap on the Menu icon
  • Select Payment methods
  • Tap Add payment – Choose the DCB method
  • Press OK

Removing DCB payment mode

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your phone
  • Tap on the Menu icon.
  • Select Payment methods
  • Tap More payment settings
  • You will be directed to the Google payment center
  • Select Remove on the screen to replace the existing selected method of payment

Tips and tricks

  1. If you cannot view the option of paying through direct courier billing, then you should try finding it after clearing the cache of the play store. For this, go to the settings and find the apps section. The find the play store app and in the storage section, click on the “Clear cache” option.
  2. If the methods are not working, then you should probably try restarting your device. This will cool down the operator and any fault, if there, in the system will break down. So, you should try restarting the device. You can also switch off the device and keep it in that state for some time.
  3. If none of the methods is working and you have also restarted the device, then you should probably check if the message is authenticated and has been sent by the Google play store.


The newer methods of payment that are being introduced are safe and easier. DCB Association method is one of them. Throwing away the stress of passwords etc., allows you to pay for your purchases in cash also. But yes, you should always check the authentication of the method before using it.

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