How do you measure objects using iPhone?

The measure app is used to measure the length, multiple dimensions, and area of the objects. The app is available on the App Store for free.

Measuring the single dimension

To measure a single dimension, open the app and point to the starting and endpoints of the objects using the plus icon, a dotted line appears.

Repositioning the start and endpoints

If you wish to reposition after placing the points, just tap on the points and move to the desired place to change.

Measuring multiple dimensions

You can continue to take multiple dimensions, Tap on the plus icon again and make another measurement with another dimension. Save the pictures by tapping on the circle.

Calculating the area using the measure app

Position the camera on the object you want to measure and it will take the measurements by itself. A dotted line appears over the object.

Level tool

The level tool is helpful in finding whether the objects are perfectly leveled or tilted. We can use this on objects hanging on the wall like clocks and photos.

Leveling an object on the wall

Point the plus icon on the edge of the object and the screen turns green if it is perfectly leveled or if an angle is displayed to indicate the slope.

Leveling an object on the floor

To level, an object on the floor, place the phone on your table, the app shows the slope, and based on it we can change the object to level it.

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