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How do you measure objects using iPhone?

We can measure the object’s length, dimensions, and area using the measure app in the App Store. The app is a free resource and is a default app in some models and is available to download on other versions. The Measure app works are in use since the iPhone 6s and above. It is a unique way of measuring objects without using any measuring objects, It May not be accurate but a funny and great app to experience and use. Let us see some instructions on How do you measure objects using the iPhone app and the different kinds of objects you can use it on to measure the dimensions.

If you want to measure the complex objects with the LiDAR scanner, you can do it. The LiDAR scanner is compatible with only a few iPhone models only. It can be used on iPhones and iPad.

1. How do you measure objects using iPhone? (single dimension of an object)

The first thing you need to be careful about placing the points correctly using the camera, since we are doing it on the mobile, it may be a little difficult.

  1. Open the App and the camera opens up. Make sure you select the measuring tap on the screen.
  2. An instruction pops up to move the phone around and a box to place the starting point.
  3. Rotate or move the phone around for some time until the AR technology reads the surroundings. When the reading is completed, we can see a circle with a dot in the center of the circle.
  4. To select the starting point, move the phone and try placing the circular dot on the top of the spot you want to start measuring from.
  5. After getting the starting point right, tap on the Plus(+) icon at the bottom of the screen of your phone.
  6. Now move your phone until the dot is on the ending spot of the object you want to measure. A dotted line appears, which keeps the track of your measurement.
  7. when you select the endpoint, tap on the plus icon to stop the measurement. A line appears indicating the length between the two points that are starting and ending points you have marked.
  8. If you have not placed the points right you can mess up your measurement.
  9. If you want to reposition the dots, either the starting or the ending, put your finger on the point and change it.
  10. Tap on the circle present at the bottom right side of the screen to save the image of your measurement. This circle saves the image into the gallery of your phone.
How do you measure objects using iPhone
How do you measure objects using iPhone?

2. How do you measure objects using iPhone?(multiple dimensions of the object)

What is the point of a measuring app, when you can only measure a single dimension? We can also place another line to measure other lengths or dimensions. The measure app keeps track of the first dimension, so you can continue with the other. Resuming from where we have left above while taking the length of a single measurement.

  1. Let us assume that the initial measurement, taken in the above measurement, is still there.
  2. Now when the plus icon appears, place it on any of the points on the first line.
  3. Tap the plus icon and move around so that we can move the dot to the endpoint to take the second measurement. Click on the Plus icon to save the endpoint and mark the second measurement.
  4. You can now see the two measurements on the screen. You can also draw as many measurements as you want. If you want to get rid of any measurement click on the back arrow to remove the most recent measurement. Click on clear to remove all the measurements.
  5. Take a picture of the measurements by tapping on the white dot present on the lower right side of the mobile screen.

3. How do you measure objects using iPhone?(Rectangle and its area)

We can also measure the rectangle dimension and its shows the dimensions without us having to place the start and the endpoints.

  1. Open the App and position your phone such that it detects the object dimensions you want to measure and once it is detected click on the plus icon at the bottom.
  2. If the phone detects the object, a dotted line will appear around the object.
  3. Now to get the measurements of the rectangle tap on the plus icon and the entire rectangle will appear automatically.
  4. The rectangle appears with the measurements too, save the photo by clicking on the circle.

One disadvantage is that we might have to make several attempts to get the rectangle right since the phone angle can affect the measurements. Since the first time may not be accurate so measure twice.

4. Measuring the levels of the objects

There is a level tool that will help you in leveling the objects like either a photo hanging on the wall or a table on the floor. Lets us try how that works for the two different things.

4.1.Level an object hanging from the wall

  1. Switch to the level tool in the measure app.
  2. Now place the edge of your phone on the top of the photo frame or any object that is hanging from the wall.
  3. The slope or the tilt, of the object, will be shown at the center of the screen in the degrees.
  4. Adjust the object according to the degrees shown on the phone to reduce the slope to zero.
  5. Now check again with the measure app to make sure the slope is zero, if the slope is zero the screen turns zero. Indicating the perfect level.

4.2.Leveling a flat surface, an object placed on the ground

  1. Switch to the level tool on the measure app.
  2. To know the slope, just place your iPhone on the table.
  3. A number will be displayed at the center, indicating the slope of that object in degrees.
  4. Two circles on the screen will help you in adjusting the level, they move either close or farther apart, to check for slope in all the directions.
  5. When the slope is zero, that indicates that the object is perfectly flat and the screen turns green.

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5. How do you measure objects using iPhone LiDAR scanner to measure the dimensions

To access the LiDAR capabilities you need to have specific devices. The feature needs special software to work on the measure app, so is only available on some specific iPhone models. These include:

  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation).
  2. iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation).
  3. iPhone 12 Pro.
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max.

5.1.Measuring the person’s height

  • Open the measure app on your device.
  • Frame your phone on the person you want to measure the height of.
  • Make sure you get them from top to bottom on the phone screen. The app will automatically measure them and the measurements will be displayed on the screen through a white dotted line.
  • The height will be shown and we can take a photo by clicking on the white circle on the phone screen.

To get better results while using the measure app for measuring the height, select a place with good lighting, and free of reflective objects. The person is totally covered by the phone screen and should not be wearing any type of face mask, glasses, or a cap.

5.2.Ruler view

This is a special feature in the app, just like how we can see the incremental measurements on the scale or ruler, this view lets the users see the incremental measurements. This feature is only available for LiDAR-compatible devices.


If you are using a device with LiDAR, you can see the vertical and horizontal lines when we are taking the measurements. This is done by the app by detecting the edges of the object you are measuring so that you can have a good understanding while using the app.

To activate the guides feature, click on the plus icon on the guide and start taking the measurements.

6. Measurement History

Measurement history is a useful tool if you are using it to measure multiple objects, say for your notes. You can access using the list button, at the top-left corner of the screen. The saved images using the circle appear in this section. Take notes from here if you want.

The measure app is very useful for many small college assignments and small projects. It is still in the developing stage so do not use it for real-time applications.

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