How to enable dark mode for Google docs

Dark theme extension for the google docs

Dark theme for google docs

The dark theme for google docs can be enabled by adding a chrome extension to our browser. Which converts the docs background into black and text into white.

Opening a new google account

Create a new google account, if you do not have an google account already or esle just log in to your google account.

Open a new chrome tab

After logging in with a google account, open a new chrome tab by clicking on the chrome icon. Open an another tab and check whether google docs are in default settings

Google chrome apps

On the top left corner, we can see an app icon. We can download extensions from these apps for converting them into the dark theme.

Opening the Chrome web store

This redirects us to an apps section, where we have to click on the chrome web store. Where we can find many apps and features to download..

Dark Reader extension

In the chrome web store, go to the search bar and search for the extension called "Dark Reader". Which will convert our google docs into dark mode.

Add extension to the chrome

Click on the add to chrome button to add it to your chrome browser and launch it to add it as an extension. After this, every tab we open on our website is converted to dark mode.

Rechecking the extension

If you are unable to access it even after downloading an extension, go to the extensions in your chrome browser and add it to your browser explicitly. And you are good to go.

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