How to make google maps default on iPhone?

Generally, we see all the iPhones are inbuilt with the apple maps. Just like any other common service on the iPhone, the Apple maps are also a default service when it comes to maps.

Google Maps over Apple Maps

The reason is Google Maps has a lot of information when compared to the Apple Maps. They got a huge database with crowdfunded resources on Google Maps.

Using Chrome and Gmail

To get Google Maps as the default Map we need to make Chrome your default browser and Gmail your default mail app. Since all the Google apps work together flexibly.

Making chrome as default browser

To make chrome your default browser, go to the settings and navigate to the list of apps, and select chrome. Tap on the Default Browser app and choose chrome as your default.

What does Chrome do?

Now as you have selected chrome as your default browser when you tap on any location using chrome it will redirect you to Google Maps.

Making Gmail as Default Mail app

Jump into the settings and go to the Gmail app. Select the default mail app on your phone as the Gmail app. Now we need to change the navigation settings to redirect the links to Google Maps.

Navigate options

Go to the Gmail application, and navigate to the menu options besides the search bar. Tap on default apps and select the Google Maps as default maps for both the settings.

What does Gmail do?

So if we tap on any location link through Gmail we will be redirected to Google maps. Make sure you have all the three google apps downloaded on your phone.

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