How to reset the MacBook Air without any glitch?

If you are thinking of selling your MacBook Air, just go through these following steps and you will be all ready to do so.

If you wanna prepare your MacBook for a new user or maybe if you are thinking of selling your Mac just follow these easy steps so you can safely and securely store your data.

If your Mac is upgraded to MacOS Monetery on a Mac with Apple T2 Security Chip or with Apple Silicon Then go to System Preference from the Apple menu and then choose Erase all content and settings.

For any other Mac or MacOS you must follow the following steps. First backup your files in an external storage device or you can even use Migration Assistant to transfer your files to the new Mac.

Sign out of iTunes from iTunes window click Account then Authorisation and then finally Deauthorize This Computer. Enter your Apple ID and password to deauthorize.

To sign out of iCloud from system preference click Apple ID then from the overview sidebar click sign out. Choose messages then from the menu bar click preferences then iMessages and finally sign out.

Erase Mac and reinstall the MacOS, after doing so your MacBook restarts to a setup assistance. To shut down press command+Q (DO NOT CONTINUE SETUP).

To clear user settings from memory and restore certain memory features click Option+Command+P+R ( ALL TOGETHER ). After resetting NVRAM, your MacBook starts up to the setup assistance again.

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