Everyone is aware of turning off their mobile phone, but what happens if your power button gets broken or crushed? 

How to Turn OFF phone without power button with new tips?

There are various strategies to turn off the power on the Android tablet or mobile phone if the power button is broken. 

Strategies to turn off phone without power button


This procedure will turn off the android machine by employing the volume button and power button.

Method 1. Use the volume button and the home button


This brand-new characteristic is public to Android gadgets running Android 9.0 or higher version.

Method 2. Double-tap to wake and Sleep


The user can turn off his mobile via the turn-off toggle, likewise. Push it, and your phone is imposed to turn off.

Method 3: Use turn off the toggle


One can turn off your android gadget by employing google assistant. Just ask it to turn off your device.

Method 4: Using google assistant


You can select timers for the phone to assure that when it is reached to schedule, the phone will be instantly turned off

Method 5:  Scheduled to be ON or OFF


There are numerous ways to Turn off a phone without any power button. Go through our blog below link.

More new ways to Turn OFF phone without power button