How to use the document scanner in the notes app on iPhone?

The softcopies of important documents have really been a thing in this digital world. We need the proper tool to perfectly scan it.

Notes in IOS ecosystem

Apple has a feature integrated into the NOTES App to scan the documents on the iPhone. We can use it to scan the documents and edit them too.

The NOTES App is already inbuilt into the IOS, it is available by default on the iPhone. Open the notes and open a new document or an existing document to write.

Opening the Scanner

While trying to write there will be some options on the top of the keyboard, the options include a camera option. Select the "Scan Documents" to start.

Using the Camera to scan the document

If You want to use the auto, click on the auto capture option and make sure you place your document on a background, where the camera can differentiate the document and the background.

Auto Scan

Just click the photo of the document and crop the required part and click on the scan to process it. Click on save to save the documents to your phone.

Cropping out the Unwanted Parts

The Scanned documents can be edited too, there are all the editing options that are available for a photo. Select the document and tap on it to bring up the editing tools.

Editing the Scanned Documents

We can make a PDF out of scanned documents too. Select the required documents in order and assemble them. If you wish to share them, tap on the Share button.

Making a PDF of Scanned Documents

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