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6 Advanced Auto Repair Techniques You Need to Know

Stop delaying much-needed vehicle repairs because you think you can’t afford them. About half of vehicle owners ignore repairs because they can’t afford it. This wouldn’t be an issue if they knew how to perform basic vehicle repair tasks.

These six advanced auto repair tasks are easy enough for anyone to do in a short amount of time.

6 Advanced Auto Repair Techniques You Need to Know

1. Wiper Replacement

If your wipers leave unwiped spots or make a horrible squeak noise, it’s time to replace them. This is an essential car maintenance task that takes less than five minutes.

Purchase the wiper blades that are compatible with your vehicle. Watch out, as some cars have two different sizes of blades. To make the replacement, take off the old wiper blades and clip in the new ones.

2. Headlight Bulb Replacement

Not only are you legally required to have headlights, but driving without them would be incredibly dangerous. When you have a dead light, you can open your hood and replace the dead bulb yourself.

You shouldn’t have to do this task too often, but it is a part of routine maintenance. This is also your chance to make your headlights brighter by upgrading your stock bulbs.

3. Change a Spark Plug

Your spark plug is what triggers the combustion in your engine. Your engine will misfire, idle rough, or accelerate slowly when the spark plug dies. Head to your local auto parts store or website like DieselLogic for replacement parts.

You will then follow the process applicable to your vehicle to replace the spark plugs. The entire process takes about an hour.

4. Replace a Fuse

The fuse panel in your car ensures the components get the right amount of electricity. When a fuse dies, your lights may not work, electrical components may not work, a burning smell may occur, or charring on the fuse panel.

Pull the fuses out one by one and look for a broken ribbon in the fuses. The broken ones are the ones you need to replace. Buy an exact replacement, then pull out the bad fuse and plug in the good fuse.

5. Fix a Stuck Antenna

If you have a motorized antenna that stops working, you may have a dead antenna motor. All you need is an antenna wrench and a new antenna. By purchasing the replacement antenna and doing the work yourself, you save the minimum service fee at a shop for performing such a quick and easy task.

6. Replace a Dead battery

You turn the key, and nothing happens. This is a sign that your battery died and no power going to the starter or alternator. You can do this car repair task yourself.

Carefully take out the old battery and replace it with a new one. Always disconnect the negative first, then the positive. Connect the new battery in the reverse order.

Do Your Own Advanced Auto Repair

These simple, advanced auto repair tasks will save you a fortune in service repair fees. These repair tasks are not time-consuming and do not require any special or technical car knowledge. Just be sure to purchase the parts compatible with your vehicle, and you will be ready to make your repair.

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