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Aae Error 35- How to fix?

In the world of professional audio production, having efficient and reliable software is key to success. Whether it’s composing a masterpiece or producing a live show, the most creative minds rely on the advanced capabilities of digital audio workspace (DAW) applications like Pro Tools. But, even with such sophistication, technical errors can occur, potentially halting productivity in its tracks. One of such errors that users may encounter is the notorious AAE Error 35. This technical glitch, though intimidating for some, can be resolved with the right knowledge and a willingness to troubleshoot. Now, let’s delve deeper into understanding this error and the steps one can take to fix it.

Understanding AAE Error 35

AAE Error 35 generally manifests when Pro Tools is struggling to read from or write to the drive where your audio files are stored. This often boils down to a hard drive issue, specifically with your hard disk’s performance. It’s important to remember that modern DAWs like Pro Tools require top-notch processing speed and sufficient space for simultaneous multi-track audio recording, mixing, mastering, or even simple playback.

Techniques to Fix AAE Error 35

Fixing Error 35 requires some basic troubleshooting steps revolving around your system’s hard drive, buffer size, and DAE playback engine.

1. Check Hard Drive’s Health

First, it is important to confirm that your hard drive isn’t failing, since any symptoms of decay can be the underlying cause of AAE Error 35. On Windows, this can be done via CHKDSK commands, while in Mac, the Disk Utility should suffice for this purpose.

2. Analyze Hard Disk Space

After verifying the upkeep of your hard drive, make sure your drive isn’t full. Pro Tools require ample space to function efficiently, often recommending having frees pace close to at least 20% of the total storage capacity.

3. Examine Pro Tools’ Buffer Size

It’s noticed that the error can often be linked to buffers set to their minimum. Thus, you may want to increase the H/W Buffer Size in Pro Tools’ Playback Engine settings.

4. Utilize SSD

If you are trying to run sessions from an external or internal HDD, consider utilising a Solid State Drive (SSD), which offers faster data processing thereby overcoming the error.

5. Check Compatibility

Ensure that your Pro Tools version and your hardware match in terms of compatibility. Incompatible versions of Pro Tools with the operating system or hardware are often responsible for this error.

Preventive Measures for AAE Error 35

Remember, prevention is always better than cure, especially when it’s about avoiding workflow disruption. Regular maintenance of your hard drive’s health, ensuring ample open space, and keeping all devices up-to-date play a major role in preventing the occurrence of such errors.

Plus, using approved and compatible hardware or software configurations, often recommended by official Pro Tools guides, could help to prevent triggering AAE Error 35 or similar issues.

Seeking Professional Help

Despite the above solutions, if the error continues, it’s advisable to reach out to the manufacturer’s technical support or some trusted professionals in the field.

It’s important to troubleshoot AAE Error 35 promptly to avoid its potential disruption on your creative workflow. With the right understanding, solutions, and preventive techniques, you can ensure smoother sessions in the studio, focusing on what truly matters—creating incredible audio.

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