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Android wonʼt send pictures

In recent times, one of the most frequently encountered issues by Android users is the inability to send pictures. Picture messaging, otherwise known as MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), is an essential feature of smartphones today. It’s a way to share moments, exchange information, or engage in a lively chat with friends and family. Thus, encountering an issue such as Android not being able to send pictures can be a real hassle.

Grasping the Problem

Android won’t send pictures can manifest in different ways. It could be that when an attempt is made to send a picture, the message with the picture attachment never leaves the outbox, or worse, the message goes but without the picture. This issue is not device specific; it cuts across various models from different manufacturers. This means that users of big-name phones like Samsung, Nokia, or small-name brands like Tecno and Infinix, all can possibly face this problem.

Understanding Possible Causes

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all reason why your Android won’t send pictures. It could be due to slow or poor internet connection since MMS relies heavily on the data network for delivery. Also, this issue could be traced to wrong network settings or device settings. Furthermore, there is the chance that there could be a glitch from the Message App being used.

Proffering Solutions

In solving the problem where the Android won’t send pictures, different solutions need to be employed since the cause can differ.

Check Your Network Settings

Given the dependence of MMS on the network, a straightforward first step in diagnosing the issue is to check if the data settings and network connection are in order. If you’re only experiencing this issue when connected to WiFi, turning off WiFi and sending the message via cellular data could potentially solve the problem.

Resetting Your Device Settings

If the problem is not from the network, then it could likely be from wrong device settings. To confirm this, resetting the settings might be a good way to restore the default settings on your device, eliminating any anomaly that has been caused by incorrect configurations.

Caution should be taken while resetting device settings as it would restore all changed settings like Accessibility settings, Wifi, and App preferences to their default.

Clearing Message App Cache or Using Another Message App

If the problem persists after the aforementioned steps, then there could be a high chance of a glitch from the messaging app. Clearing the cache of the messaging app could potentially resolve the issue. If this still fails, it might be worthwhile to consider downloading and installing another trusted messaging app.

While it can be frustrating when your Android won’t send pictures, you need not feel helpless. The above troubleshooting steps should enable you to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue.

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