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Cl Error Code Lg Washer: Child Lock Feature Is Set Active-How to fix?

The innovative control features incorporated in LG washers have taken a giant leap towards ensuring superior user safety. A common occurrence that certain LG washer users encounter is the ‘Cl’ or child lock error code, which signifies that the child lock feature has been activated. Deciphering this code and learning how to tackle it effectively can greatly improve user experience and machine operation.

The CL Error Code: A Safety Feature of LG Washers

This error code, often misunderstood as a malfunction or a sign of a problematic washer, is actually a safety feature designed to prevent unintentional usage, especially when children or pets are around. A machine displaying a ‘CL’ sign indicates that the Child Lock feature is set active.

Understanding the Child Lock Feature

The Purpose and Function of Child Lock

The Child Lock feature, represented by a ‘CL’ sign on your LG washer’s display, is designed to provide an essential safety measure. Even when the power is turned off, once this mode is activated, it locks all buttons to prevent settings from being changed or the washer from being powered on and off inadvertently.

Activating and Deactivating the Child Lock

Activating the child lock feature on your LG washer usually involves pressing and holding a specific button or a combination of buttons for about 3 seconds, like the rinse or spin buttons. The process to disable the feature involves the same steps. Notably, each model may have its own specific controls for this feature, hence always refer to the machine’s user manual.

Resolving the CL Error Code: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Identify the Right Combination

Refer to the user manual that came with your LG washer to identify the right combination of buttons that activates and deactivates the child lock feature.

2. Apply the Correct Procedure

Press and hold the identified buttons for about 3 seconds. You should see the ‘CL’ sign disappear from the screen, indicating that the child lock feature has been deactivated.

3. Reset the Machine

If the ‘CL’ sign persists despite following the aforementioned steps, unplug your washer for a few minutes and then plug it back in. This procedure resets the machine’s internal memory.

A Cautionary Note and Recommendations

Maintaining a record of the model and serial number of your washer can be useful when troubleshooting any issues. In addition, resources and assistance are commonly available through LG customer service, online forums, and professional technicians.

In conclusion, the ‘CL’ error code is not something to fear or be frustrated about as it’s a designed safety feature of the LG washer for your home’s security. Understanding this feature and knowing how to efficiently handle it promotes better usage and enhances the overall washing experience.

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