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Destiny Error Code Guitar-How to fix?

The world created by Bungie in the renowned game Destiny is a sprawling universe filled with endless quests, formidable adversaries, and a captivating, intricate story. However, like any massively multiplayer online game, players occasionally encounter tech issues that can hinder their in-game experience. One of the most common challenges faced by gamers is the notorious Destiny Error Code Guitar. This isn’t a love song for digital troubadours. It’s a technical error that can be as frustrating as a strum gone wrong. We delve in-depth into what causes this error and, more importantly, how you can fix it and get back into the cosmic action.

What is the Destiny Error Code Guitar?

The Error Code Guitar in Destiny is an error that usually occurs when there’s an issue with the game’s local network. It can show up when the player’s console is struggling to keep up with the vast amount of data being updated simultaneously in the Destiny world. The result? The player finds themselves kicked out of the game, a moment as annoying as a guitar string snapping mid-song.

Understanding the root cause

The Guitar error tends to occur during activities or experiences where significant amounts of items or resources are simultaneously present. Things like public events or missions featuring various players, enemies, and loot can overload local networks or consoles.

How to fix Destiny Guitar Error Code

Step One: Clear your Console Cache

After closing Destiny, you should always clear your console cache. It is like spring cleaning for your gaming console, ensuring it’s not bogged down by unnecessary data.

PS4: Completely turn off the PS4 (do not enter Rest Mode) then unplug the power cord from the back of the console. Wait at least 5 minutes before plugging it back in and restarting the system. Once the system is turned back on, the cache will be cleared.

Xbox One: Switch off the console and unplug the power cord, waiting for at least 5 minutes. This “power cycle” resets the system cache on Xbox One.

Step Two: Reduce clutter on your local network

When multiple players or multiple devices are using the same local network, the data transmission could lag. Try to limit the number of devices connected to your local network while playing the game.

Step Three: Limit unnecessary picking

Though it may go against every gamer’s desire to leave literally no stone unturned while playing, sometimes it helps to limit interactions with non-playable characters or avoid “picking up” or picking over loot drops that aren’t particularly valuable.

Step Four: Issue a bug report

If you’ve done everything, and the Destiny Error Code Guitar is still playing its unwanted tune, then it’s time to reach out to Bungie directly. Head to the Bungie Help forums and provide detailed information about the issue. The replying support staff can follow up and help you resolve the issue quickly.

Preventive Measures for Destiny Guitar Error Code

While technical issues in a virtual universe can sometimes seem as unexpected as a meteor shower, a few preventive measures can help you avoid the Guitar error in Destiny. Keep your software up-to-date as patches often include fixes for known issues. Similarly, maintaining a reliable, high-speed internet connection can improve data transmission and reduce the chance of errors.

In the complex universe of Destiny, the only guitar players should want to encounter are those playing victory tunes. Hopefully, with these steps, you can banish the Destiny Error Code Guitar for good and continue to enjoy the cosmic journey that Destiny offers.

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