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How to fix ubisoft connect not working ps5?

Ubisoft Connect, an extension of the video game company Ubisoft, boasts an impressive global network of players with PlayStation being one of its main platforms. However, some PlayStation 5 users have reported issues with Ubisoft Connect not working, causing significant frustration and disappointment. This is not an isolated issue and it has forced many gamers to look for potential solutions. Extensive investigation and research into this problem has led to numerous proven remedies for this technical glitch.

Checking the Server Status

Given that Ubisoft Connect is an online platform, the first step in resolving issues is to check if the problem lies with the server. Ubisoft often shares updates relating to server maintenance or downtime on their official website or Twitter feed. Users may find that their issues are simply due to temporary server disruptions and will usually solve themselves without user intervention.

Testing Internet Connectivity

A stable internet connection is crucial for Ubisoft Connect to function smoothly. PlayStation 5 users are advised to check their internet speed and stability. Sony recommends a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps for an optimal gaming experience. Running simple speed tests can help to identify any potential issues with the internet connection.

Rebooting or Resetting the Console

Although it may sound basic, rebooting the console can often fix a multitude of technical issues. If Ubisoft Connect is not working on PS5, users are advised to entirely close the application, reboot the gaming console, and try launching Ubisoft Connect again. In more severe cases, a complete reset of the PS5 console might be required to resolve the problem.

Re-installing Ubisoft Connect

If the steps mentioned above do not work, then the issue might lie in the PlayStation’s interface with the Ubisoft Connect software. Depending on how severe the issue is, it might be helpful to uninstall and then reinstall Ubisoft Connect. This could be a more drastic but often effective solution if the application has become corrupted.

Contacting Ubisoft or PlayStation Support

The final tip is to reach out to Ubisoft or PlayStation support as they have technical experts who can provide more personalized assistance. The support team is available through live chat, email, or call services to guide users through the resolution process.


While it is frustrating when any software doesn’t work as expected, there is usually a logical reason behind it and a solution available. In the case of Ubisoft Connect not working on PS5, the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps should help most users restore capacity. As video gaming continues to evolve with more advanced technology, these temporary technical glitches will likely become less common. Yet, when they do occur, having a set of go-to solutions and the knowledge to apply them can significantly enhance the gaming experience.

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