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Dns Error Nw-31253-4-How to fix?

If you’re a tech-savvy consumer who loves to keep their gadgets and devices updated, you’re likely familiar with frustrating error codes. Among these erroneous codes, one which has become an irksome hurdle for many PlayStation users is the Dns Error Nw-31253-4. These error codes emerge due to an unstable DNS setup in the PlayStation network or an unresponsive PlayStation network server. Overcoming this hurdle is undeniably a daunting task for many. Amid this confusion, users are fervently seeking assistance to resolve the infamous Dns Error Nw-31253-4.

Understanding the DNS Error NW-31253-4

The Dns Error Nw-31253-4 typically appears when PlayStation Network (PSN) fails to connect with the internet. This issue can be due to many reasons, ranging from internet connectivity issues to server overload or PSN maintenance. This error hinders the online gaming experience of PlayStation users, leaving them unable to download, update, or play games online.

Recognizing The Causes of DNS Error NW-31253-4

Delving into diagnosing the problem, there are several possible causes. These encompass issues like an unstable DNS setup of the console’s network, a temporary lapse in the internet service, or the PlayStation server itself could be undergoing maintenance. The error may also appear as a result of Internet Service Provider (ISP) restrictions or the console settings might be misconfigured.

How to Resolve the DNS Error NW-31253-4

Identifying the issue is the first step, yet the next crucial action is to resolve it. Fortunately, there are a few remedies to this vexing error. They can range from amending the DNS set up, restarting the router, to disabling media servers.

Amend DNS Setup

A common fix is changing the DNS settings. By default, the console uses the DNS from your ISP. However, some ISPs use DNS servers that might not work appropriately with the PlayStation Network, leading to Dns Error Nw-31253-4. A remedy here is to use a more reliable public DNS like Google’s DNS which is and the secondary as, or Cloudflare’s DNS which is and the secondary as

Restart the Router

Some users have found relief from this error by merely restarting their internet routers. This simple step can bring back the steadiness to the internet connection and could be a quick fix.

Disable Media Server

A less common but an effective solution could also be to disable the media server. This can be done by navigating through the System Settings and disabling the “Enable Media Server Connection”.

Reach out to Professional Support

If all else fails, PlayStation users can get in touch with Sony’s customer services via their official website or through Sony’s official social media accounts. They often resolve such issues within the shortest time possible, curbing the agony of DNS Error Nw-31253-4.

To conclude, Dns Error Nw-31253-4 might test your patience, but with the right approach and understanding of the issue at hand, it can be resolved efficiently. Whether the problem lies in a flawed DNS set up or a hitch in the PlayStation network’s server, these handy guidelines can navigate you back to an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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