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Failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Baldur’s Gate 3, a much-anticipated game, has intrigued fans with its detailed and expansive gaming environment. However, gamers are occasionally confronted with a pesky notification: the failed to save game error code 516. This error can be a hindrance to the smooth gameplay experience everyone desires. This article delves into the reasons behind this error and provides a step-by-step guide on resolving it, allowing gamers to get back to their adventures in the magical world of BG3 without any interruptions.

Reasons for Error Code 516

Understanding the reasons behind error code 516 is pivotal for gamers aiming for an uninterrupted gaming session. The primary causes could be related to administrative restrictions, antivirus interference, and problems within the game files. By analyzing these, players can focus on employing the right solutions to amend this bothersome error.

Failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

Administrative Restrictions

A common root cause for the failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 is administrative restrictions. The game may lack the required permissions to access and modify specific files or directories, thereby hindering the saving process. Addressing administrative rights is a critical step in resolving this error, ensuring that the game can freely interact with system files to save progress.

Antivirus Interference

Antivirus programs, while crucial for system protection, can sometimes misinterpret game files as potential threats. This misinterpretation can lead to interference with Baldur’s Gate 3, disrupting the game-saving process and resulting in error code 516. Tweaking antivirus settings or creating exceptions for BG3 can aid in alleviating this issue.

Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files are another prevalent reason for this error. When the game can’t access essential files due to corruption or absence, it triggers the failed to save game error code 516. Reinstalling the game or verifying the integrity of game files can be potent solutions in such scenarios.

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How to Fix Failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

Resolving the failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves a series of steps that address the underlying causes. Following these procedures diligently can aid in eliminating the error, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.

Fix 1: Grant Administrative Permissions

When Baldur’s Gate 3 lacks sufficient administrative permissions to modify certain files or directories, it can lead to the failed to save game error code 516. Granting administrative permissions is a fundamental step to mitigate this error, ensuring that the game can seamlessly interact with the system files, facilitating smooth gameplay.

Step 1: Locate the Game’s Executable File:

  1. Navigate to the directory where Baldur’s Gate 3 is installed on your computer. The default location is usually within the Program Files folder on the drive where your operating system is installed.
  2. Once you are in the game’s directory, search for the executable file, usually named ‘bg3.exe’ or something similar.

Step 2: Access Properties:

  1. Right-click on the executable file.
  2. A context menu will appear. From this menu, select Properties. This will open a new window displaying various settings related to the game file.

Step 3: Modify Compatibility Settings:

  1. In the Properties window, navigate to the Compatibility tab located at the top of the window.
  2. Within this tab, you will see various settings meant to resolve compatibility issues with different versions of the operating system.

Step 4: Enable Administrative Permissions:

  1. In the Compatibility tab, look for a setting labeled “Run this program as an administrator”.
  2. Check the box next to this setting. This action grants the game the necessary permissions to interact with other files and directories on your system.

Step 5: Apply Changes:

  1. After checking the box, click on the Apply button located at the bottom of the window to save the changes.
  2. After applying the changes, click OK to close the Properties window.

Step 6: Relaunch the Game:

  1. Close any running instance of Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Relaunch the game and attempt to save the game to check whether the error code 516 still appears.

By meticulously following these steps, players should be able to resolve any issues arising from inadequate administrative permissions. This process doesn’t modify the game content; it merely allows Baldur’s Gate 3 to operate without restriction, preventing the failed to save game error code 516 and ensuring the players can immerse themselves fully in the dynamic world of BG3.

Fix 2: Configure Antivirus Settings

Antivirus software can sometimes block game actions, leading to the failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3. Configuring your antivirus software to exclude BG3 can often resolve these conflicts.

Step 1: Open Antivirus Software:

  1. Open your antivirus application from the system tray or start menu.
  2. Navigate to the settings or preferences menu within the application, where you can manage the software’s behavior and exclusions.

Step 2: Locate Exclusions or Exceptions:

  1. In settings, find the section named ‘Exclusions’, ‘Exceptions’, or something similar, depending on your antivirus software.
  2. This section allows you to list applications and files that the antivirus will not scan or block.

Step 3: Add Baldur’s Gate 3 to Exceptions:

  1. Add the entire Baldur’s Gate 3 installation folder to this list of exclusions.
  2. Confirm or save the changes and exit the antivirus software.

Step 4: Restart Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Close and then relaunch Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Try saving the game to see if the error has been resolved.

Fix 3: Reinstall the Game

If corrupted or missing files are causing the error code 516, reinstalling Baldur’s Gate 3 can be an effective solution. Please remember to back up game progress before proceeding.

Step 1: Backup Game Progress:

  1. Locate the save game folder, usually found in the game’s installation directory, and back up the saved games to another location to avoid any loss of progress.

Step 2: Uninstall Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Navigate to your computer’s Control Panel.
  2. Click on ‘Uninstall a Program’, locate Baldur’s Gate 3, and uninstall it.

Step 3: Reinstall Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Download the game again from the official source or the platform you originally purchased it from.
  2. Install the game and restore your backed-up save files to the new installation directory.

Step 4: Launch the Game:

  1. Open Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Check if you can now save the game without encountering the error code 516.

Fix 4: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If you are using a platform like Steam, verifying the integrity of game files can resolve the error without requiring a complete reinstall.

Step 1: Open Steam Library:

  1. Open your Steam client and go to the Library tab.
  2. Find Baldur’s Gate 3 in your list of games.

Step 2: Access Game Properties:

  1. Right-click on Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Properties.

Step 3: Verify Integrity of Game Files:

  1. Navigate to the Local Files tab within the Properties window.
  2. Click on ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’. Steam will then check and repair any corrupted or missing files.

Step 4: Launch Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Once the process is complete, close the Properties window and launch the game.
  2. Attempt to save your game to see if the issue persists.

By applying these fixes, players can effectively address the issues leading to the failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3, ensuring an uninterrupted and enjoyable gaming experience.

Fix 5: Update Game to the Latest Version

Regular game updates often resolve various bugs and errors, including the failed to save game error code 516. Updating Baldur’s Gate 3 to the latest version can potentially fix any underlying issues causing this error.

Step 1: Check for Available Updates:

  1. Open the gaming platform from which you’ve purchased Baldur’s Gate 3, such as Steam or GOG.
  2. Navigate to the game library and select Baldur’s Gate 3.

Step 2: Update the Game:

  1. If an update is available, an ‘Update’ button or notification should appear.
  2. Click on it to begin the updating process. Wait for the download and installation to complete.

Step 3: Restart the Game:

  1. After updating, restart the game.
  2. Check whether the error code 516 still appears when attempting to save the game.

Fix 6: Run the Game in Windowed Mode

Running the game in windowed mode has resolved the failed to save game error code 516 for some players. It’s a simple yet effective solution worth trying.

Step 1: Access Game Settings:

  1. Launch Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. From the main menu, navigate to the ‘Settings’ or ‘Options’ menu.

Step 2: Change Display Mode:

  1. Within the Settings or Options menu, find the ‘Display’ or ‘Video’ tab.
  2. Look for the ‘Display Mode’ setting and change it to ‘Windowed Mode’.

Step 3: Apply Changes:

  1. After changing the Display Mode, save or apply the changes.
  2. Close the settings and return to the game to see if the error has been resolved.

Step 4: Test the Game:

  1. Play the game in windowed mode and try to save the game at different points.
  2. Check if the error code 516 is still showing up.

Experimenting with these additional fixes can be instrumental in troubleshooting and eliminating the persistent failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3, allowing players to continue their adventures without disruptions.

Fix 7: Disable Cloud Saving Feature

Some users have found success in resolving the failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 by disabling the cloud saving feature available in gaming platforms like Steam or GOG. This feature, although handy for preserving game progress, can sometimes lead to conflicts resulting in saving errors.

Step 1: Open Platform Settings:

  1. Launch the gaming platform that you use to play Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’ or ‘Preferences’, usually found in the upper-left corner of the window or under a gear icon.

Step 2: Navigate to Cloud Saving:

  1. Within the settings menu, find the ‘Cloud’ or ‘Cloud Saving’ tab or section.
  2. Here, you will find options related to the management of cloud saves and synchronizations.

Step 3: Disable Cloud Saving:

  1. Look for a checkbox or toggle switch that enables or disables cloud saving for Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Uncheck or toggle off this option to disable cloud saving for the game.

Step 4: Test the Game:

  1. After disabling cloud saving, launch Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Try saving the game to see if the error code 516 still appears.

Fix 8: Allocate More Disk Space

Insufficient disk space can be another reason behind the error code 516. Allocating more disk space by freeing up space on your computer can help in resolving this error.

Step 1: Check Disk Space:

  1. Open ‘This PC’ or ‘My Computer’ on your desktop or file explorer.
  2. Check the available space on the drive where Baldur’s Gate 3 is installed.

Step 2: Free Up Space:

  1. If the available space is low, start by deleting unnecessary files and uninstalling unused applications.
  2. You can use the ‘Disk Cleanup’ utility on Windows to remove temporary files, system cache, and other redundant files.

Step 3: Empty Recycle Bin:

  1. After deleting unnecessary files, empty the recycle bin to permanently remove the files and free up disk space.
  2. Recheck the available space to ensure that enough space has been freed up.

Step 4: Retry Saving the Game:

  1. Launch Baldur’s Gate 3 after freeing up disk space.
  2. Attempt to save your game progress and check if the error has been resolved.

Implementing these additional fixes can further ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience by addressing and resolving the failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 effectively.


The failed to save game error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be a considerable impediment to enjoying the immersive and captivating world of the game. This error, often stemming from administrative restrictions, antivirus interference, or corrupted game files, necessitates thoughtful solutions. By granting administrative permissions, configuring antivirus settings, reinstalling the game, or verifying the integrity of game files, players can efficiently resolve this error and delve back into their adventurous journey in BG3 without any disruptions. These solutions aim to enhance the gaming experience by eliminating hindrances and allowing for smooth and enjoyable gameplay.


What does error code 516 in Baldur’s Gate 3 mean?

Error code 516 usually means the game has encountered issues while trying to save, leading to potential loss of progress.

Could my antivirus be causing error code 516?

Yes, antivirus software can sometimes block game actions, causing this error. Adding BG3 to exceptions may resolve it.

Can running the game as an administrator help?

Absolutely! Granting administrative permissions can resolve interaction issues with system files and potentially fix this error.

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