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Helldivers 2 quick play not working PS5 – How to fix?

In recent times, PS5 users have been struggling with a persistent issue playing Helldivers 2, a popular online cooperative multiplayer game from the studio Arrowhead Game Studios. Despite the overwhelming anticipation surrounding the game’s launch, many players’ frustrations have been compounded by the quick play feature not working as advertised. This article will delve into the existing issues and potential remedies for quick play not working in Helldivers 2 on PS5.

The Problem: Helldivers 2 Quick Play Not Working

The quick play feature is designed to allow players to instantaneously find and join other players in the game, making it a critical component of the game’s multiplayer experience. Yet, several PS5 players have reported problems with this feature, preventing them from teaming up and engaging in cooperative gameplay, as intended by the developers. This issue has understandably led to some frustration within the gaming community, as it interrupts the seamless multiplayer experience that the game promises.

Causes of Quick Play Function Errors in Helldivers 2

After research and gathering information, several potential causes have been identified. Connectivity issues are a recurring theme. Unstable Internet connections can potentially prevent the quick play feature from establishing a connection with the game’s servers, impeding its usual function. Furthermore, there could be compatibility issues with the PS5 software, despite the game purportedly being optimized for use on the PlayStation 5.

It’s important to remember that these potential causes are speculative. Arrowhead has yet to release any official information regarding the issue. It is recommended that players experiencing difficulties with Helldivers 2 quick play remain patient and follow official channels for updates.

Potential Fixes for Quick Play Not Working in Helldivers 2

While a comprehensive solution is yet to be released, there are several steps that users can take in an attempt to troubleshoot the issue.

Re-Installing Helldivers 2

Going the route of uninstalling and then reinstalling the game has successfully resolved the problem for some users. This approach might rectify potential installation errors that could be causing the quick play function to malfunction.

Checking Internet Connection

As aforementioned, connectivity problems could be contributing to this issue. Make sure your internet connection is stable and perform a speed test to ensure there is sufficient bandwidth for multiplayer gaming.

Restarting the PS5 Console

At times, minor technical glitches can cause unexpected issues in gameplay. A simple restart of the console can often rectify these glitches.

Communicating with Arrowhead

In the event the above steps fail to resolve the issue, it could be valuable to reach out to Arrowhead Game Studios directly. Your feedback can contribute significantly to a more comprehensive solution and help the developers troubleshoot and resolve the issue more efficiently.

While waiting for the problem to be officially fixed, the Helldivers community is encouraged to stay patient and understanding. The quick play feature is an integral part of the gaming experience, but remember that even without it, Helldivers 2 offers a thrilling and engaging world to explore.

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