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How to charge a pen without a charger?

Like all electronic devices, they need to be charged, these devices are no exception. However, there is a chance that you could be unable to charge that digital pencil. What should you do? How do you charge a pen using a charger? Let’s look at the following article for solutions.

One of the most significant innovations of the past century is undoubtedly smart pen (stylus)or smart pen. An extremely useful input device utilized to identify the hand movements of a person. It transforms these analog hand strokes into digital information creating a pen and paper’ mechanism. This kind of pen is recognized to offer a variety of benefits. From its use as a drawing tool to finding a purpose for tablets, its capabilities go far beyond ‘pen and paper’. It also comes with some incredible interactive features , like pressure sensitivity and tilt detection, which allow the use of different artistic tools.

How to charge a pen without a charger?

What benefits can we expect when we charge the pen with no charger?

To be precise, very numerous. It’s always a benefit having a shared source of power for every electronic device we have. Imagine your mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth speakers, and pen all powered by a simple USB cable. But , it should always be considered as an alternative. The charger of the device is a good idea. But why would you purchase a brand replacement if your old one goes missing? There are different options.

How do you charge a pen using a charger?

Make sure to ensure your pen battery is completely charged prior to sitting down for work. Take into consideration a scenario in which you’re working abroad. While working on your tedious tasks, your stylus pen gets depleted. The charger is found but then realize you’ve left it when you returned home. What do you do? Most likely, you’ll carry your charger for your smartphone on hand. Learn how to utilize the charger for your mobile to recharge your smartphone. We will emphasize alternative methods, too.

Method #1: Connect to an mobile charger

The majority of smartphone charging cables can be used with the pen. For setting up a correct charging mechanism , you must:

  1. Connect the charger to the power source nearby.
  2. It is expected to have an entry point in the middle or near the top of the.
  3. Plug the cable into this.
  4. Switch on the power.
  5. The LED light will begin blinking, signalling that the charging process has begun.

The magnets in the pen create the electro-magnetic field. This will recharge your stylus pen, without the need for a charger.

Method 2.Using an USB cable

  1. Plug the USB cable into the side port , or any other place where the charging point is.
  2. Connect the other end of the adapter to your laptop or desktop. It is possible to utilize an adapter for your wall.
  3. The bright LED signals that your smart pen is recharged.
  4. Don’t let loose ends hang around to prevent the possibility of a short circuit.

Method 3.with an external power source

They are also the most efficient option if you don’t have to travel internationally. One of the biggest advantages power banks have is that they do not need you to find a electrical outlet.

  1. Simply connect your power bank to charging port.
  2. Turn on the charging. Nowadays, most battery chargers come with the ability to charge automatically initialization after connecting.
  3. Look at the LED that is that is on the stylus’ glowing.
  4. You can leave it for up to an hour, until you can take the pen out again.

Method #4:Using an external power source to charge your battery

This is only possible when your stylus is powered by rechargeable batteries.

  1. Find your area for the batteries.
  2. Take the batteries off.
  3. Place them inside the battery charger. Allow it to sit for a couple of hours.
  4. Place the batteries back in the pen.

This will definitely extend the life span of your pen by many years. One thing to bear to keep in mind that this isn’t an option for non-removable or rechargeable batteries. Make sure that the charger for your battery doesn’t overheat. If it’s heating up turn off the power immediately.

Method 5 Making use of a home-made charger

If you’re a science enthusiast or techie, you’ll definitely like to test this gadget. What exactly is a DIY charger? In the world of tech DIY stands that stands for ” Do it yourself‘. DIY chargers are an item that is made by you, from scratch. Let’s take an overview of how you can use the Lithium-ion battery that you make yourself and utilize it to charge a stylus you make.

  1. 1.) The DIY can be described as a miniature charger. Simply connect it to the 9-12 Volts DC power source.
  2. 2.) 2) In the USB port Connect the cable.
  3. 3.) Connect the other end of the pen to your stylus pen.
  4. If charging begins and the charge is complete, it means that your home-built charger has been working effectively. If not, you should check to see if there are loose connection.
  5. In the event that your DIY charging device gets too hot, remove the charger. You can try using the charger at a lower power level in this case.

A battery that is too powerful could result in the DIY charger setup to explode. Make sure to use the highest power batteries in accordance with the instruction.

Method 6: Surface Pro-X Signature Keyboard

To do this, you have to obtain a Update to Firmware prior to the time.

  1. Place it on the surface of charging on the Signature keyboard. The pen may also move itself in response to magnetic force.
  2. Click ” Start“.
  3. Find ” Settings“.
  4. Look for ” Windows Updates“.
  5. Select ” Check for Updates“. If there are any possible updates discovered, don’t be reluctant to download them.
  6. Allow the update to finish. Make sure the pen remains connected to the surface for a while.
  7. Restart your computer.


Tech-related perks are never without cautions. Inexperience with things as small as the USB cable, digital pen, or a battery can result in a plethora of problems. There are certain steps to keep in mind when charging your digital pen or stylus pen. Particularly when you’re not using the charger of your pen and are experimenting with other options to charge it. Let’s look them up now:

  1. Do not allow more than one charge device at a time. It could cause an over-charge within the circuitry. This could cause damage to all connected devices.
  2. Make sure not to make use of the pen when charging. The battery could be damaged. capacity to draw power. Unplug the charger, and let it run for a few minutes if it is necessary.
  3. Remember the branding aspect. If you loose the stylus’s charger don’t try to use any charger that is not compatible with the brand you purchased.
  4. Be sure to check the time once you have left the pen charging. A prolonged exposure to power could trigger the battery to explode. It’s not something anyone wants to happen certain.
  5. Look for damaged cables or connections that are loose. In the majority of cases this can cause a severe circuitry problems that have ended the pen’s life span.
  6. Don’t touch the pen , or port with damp hands. You could be shocked.
  7. Examine your plug’s direction of polarization. Make sure you don’t swap the polarizations, or alter it. The entire experiment could fail.
  8. Don’t remove the stylus when charging.
  9. Make sure you use an input voltage that is between 100-200 volts and 5 amps.
  10. Make sure you use approved adapters and USB cables. If a product is not authorized, and it is found to be defective, will not be beneficial to you.
  11. Be sure to keep flammable substances away from the source of power. The charging set-up you place on items that are flammable can result in the system to overheat and cause the possibility of fire.

It was about charging an unplugged pen with no charger. If your pen isn’t functioning it could be that its battery has been completely depleted by that time. If long periods of charging aren’t productive, you could try disassembling the pen and resetting the battery.

Use a soft , soft cloth that has been coated with gentle soap water. Examine the nib to ensure that the pen is properly placed. Remove the screen of your tab or phone’s cover and verify that it’s working right now. If not, check whether it’s functioning on other devices. If none of them are working, then reset the device.

  1. Go to your phone’s ” Settings” menu.
  2. Look for”S Pen” ” S Pen” option.
  3. Within “Air Action”, click the ” Air Action” In the “Air Action” section, click on the three dots for access to More menu.
  4. Select “Scan for S Pen“. The scanner will be able to find the pen.
  5. If unsuccessful, tap “Reset S Pen“. The system will be reset, and then it is necessary for a new connection to be established.


Stylus and smart pen are instruments that play a an essential role in our daily lives. Keep the charger close when you travel abroad to work. Keep the pen fully charged by the end of your day. If you’re someone who has a tendency to forget certain things in life, then this post could be an important resource. We hope this article will help you in figuring out the best way to recharge a pencil with out the use of a charger.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I repair my smartpen if the pen isn’t working?

Restart the device and switch the nib. If the issue isn’t resolved, download the most recent software update. Make sure to install your phone into secure mode. If this doesn’t work, try replacing the phone or get assistance from a specialist.

Why did my pen suddenly cease to function?

Check to see whether the pen is switched on. Some pens automatically shut down after some time. This is a simple power conservation mechanism , not a significant issue. These pen, if not properly maintained can cause battery discharge. Be sure the pen isn’t exposed to excessive pressure to the button or nib.

How do I connect my tablet to my smartpen?

Answer: Too simple. Just go to ” Applications“.
-Select “Settings“.
-Select “Language & input“.
Look for keyboard settings.
Select the appropriate input options based on the requirements.
If you connect the device, you may have the LED flash at the same time.

Do I have the ability to create my own stylus at home?

An inkless, cheap plastic pen might serve you. Make the necessary circuits by following tutorials. Remember that the body of your pen must be clear.

How can I tell whether my stylus has been fully charged?

For the majority of smartpens the red light is lit when it is charged. If the light dims it means that the pen is fully charged.

What is the best way to charge my Smart pen?

Connect an end of the USB-C cable to your smartphone. Connect the other ends of the USB-C plug onto the pen. The LED lights up to indicate charging process. The level of the battery is displayed by the pen’s own LED. Make sure to use the charging device supplied by the manufacturer. Avoid using other brands’ chargers. Don’t even think about alternative options until it’s absolutely important.

Does my pen charge by using the iPhone charge?

Yes, certain models are able to be charged this way. However, this isn’t going to help each time. Some models may have issues of compatibility.

Does my smartphone charge by using the Apple charge?

Only the very first Apple pencils utilized wired chargers. This is why you can use an earlier generation Apple USB Power Adapter for this reason.

Do I have the ability to use smartpens with Android?

The smartpens that are out nowadays are generally compatible with all versions of Android. There are some, however, that only work with iPhones or Apple devices. These brands come with their individual smart pencils or pens and are fully compatible with these devices. In fact, Samsung has its own stylus, referred to by”S-Pen” ” Samsung S-Pen“.

What are the top smartpens available for Android?

The most popular of the well-known styluses on the market are as follows:
1) Adonit Dash 4. It is considered to be the most effective option to take notes.
2) Meko Universal 2-in-1 Stylus. If you’re looking for an excellent stylus that fits that is within your budget, this would be the perfect choice for you.
3) Staedtler 180 22-1.
4) Digiroot Universal Stylus.
5) Samsung S Pen Pro. Most suitable for Samsung devices.

When do I need to change my nib on my smart pen?

This question only depends on the individual user. What is the pressure he or she is applies to the nib and other things? In general, artists aren’t using them much and project managers make use of them extensively. It’s clear that the lifespan of a stylus used by an artist is much longer than the project manager’s. The pen’s surface is used could degrade the coating as a result of friction.
Typically, stylus pen nibs last for four months. If the nib isn’t operating smoothly, it’s worth switching the nib immediately.

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