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How to fix Device Is Unreachable iPhone

If you’ve found yourself in a spot where you’re vigorously shaking your iPhone, frantically wondering why it’s suddenly gone unreachable, then you’re not alone. The “Device is unreachable” scenario is a common grievance for many iPhone users while trying to transfer photos or videos to their PC. This error message usually pops up when the transfer is obstructed between the iPhone and the system. Fortunately, there are several ways we can wrestle this problem to the ground. This article delves into the best troubleshooting strategies to re-establish the connection between your iPhone and PC, aiding you to overcome that irksome, ‘Device Is Unreachable’ iPhone situation.

Update your iPhone and Windows

Your iPhone or your Windows system could be out of date, and this might be the reason for the glitch. Updating to the latest software could resolve the compatibility issues between them, thereby fixing the “Device Is Unreachable” problem.

Adjust iPhone’s Photo Settings

One of the major culprits behind the “Device is unreachable” issue tends to be the format of the photos and videos taken by the iPhone. When the format is incompatible with Windows, this error is displayed. To rectify this:

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone
  • Click on ‘Camera’
  • Select ‘Formats’
  • Switch from ‘High Efficiency’ to ‘Most Compatible’.

This ensures that all new photos and videos are saved in a format compatible with Windows, preventing the error from cropping up.

Unlocking your iPhone

Often, the solution is as simple as keeping your iPhone unlocked during the photo transfer process. Windows cannot access photos and videos on a locked iPhone, leading to the “Device is Unreachable” message. So, make sure your iPhone is unlocked when you plug it into your PC, and keep it that way until the transfer is complete.

Fixing the issue through iTunes

You also have the option of using iTunes to resolve the error. While the iPhone is connected to the PC, open iTunes and click on your iPhone’s icon. Under ‘Summary’, scroll down to ‘Options’. Here, you’ll find the “Automatically synchronize when this iPhone is connected” box. Uncheck it, and this change will often clear the error.

Try a different USB Port or Cable

A faulty USB port or cable could also lead to the “Device is unreachable” error. Try using a different port or a new cable to check if that’s the issue.

Change the USB Setting

Finally, you can adjust the USB settings of your iPhone, which might be causing the device is unreachable error. To do this, connect your iPhone to your PC, then On your iPhone, tap on ‘Trust This Computer’ when the message pops up. Next, click on the device icon on your PC, select Properties > Hardware > Apple iPhone > Properties > Change settings > Driver > Update Driver > Browse > Let me pick > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

In conclusion, the “Device is Unreachable” error on iPhone is usually caused by a hiccup in the communication between your PC and iPhone. Luckily, this connection can be easily restored by either updating software, adjusting photo settings, keeping your iPhone unlocked, tweaking in iTunes, swapping a cable, or altering USB settings.

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