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How to fix fortnite audio not working?

With a staggering count of over 300 million registered users, Fortnite has claimed its pedestal as the go-to multiplayer game for all ages. There’s nothing more thrilling than storming through Paradise Palms or building awe-inspiring structures frantically to defeat your opponents. But, what if the audio doesn’t work? The epicness takes a dip, and defeating foes becomes significantly trickier when you can’t hear their footsteps or the distant gunfires. So, if you’ve recently faced the “Fortnite audio not working” issue, you’re not alone. Troubleshooting your audio problems can put you back on track in no time. Let’s dive into understanding why this problem occurs and find ways to fix it.

What May Cause Fortnite Audio Not Working?

Before fixing the problem of no sound in Fortnite, it’s essential to understand the possible causes of this predicament. For starters, a lack of audio in Fortnite could be due to outdated or malfunctioned audio drivers, irregularities in your computer’s sound settings, or problems in the game settings. External influences such as conflicting software or hardware may also disrupt Fortnite’s smooth audio playback.

How to Fix Fortnite Audio Not Working?

1. Install or Update your Audio Drivers
The first essential step you should take when your Fortnite audio isn’t working is to check if your audio drivers are up-to-date. Outdated or corrupted drivers can be the primary reason for the audio problem. Visit the official website of your computer’s audio card manufacturer and download the suitable and latest audio drivers.

2. Check Your Computer’s Sound Settings
Ensure the sound on your computer is not muted or lower than required. Navigate to your computer’s sound settings and verify the sound levels. Each operating system has a unique pathway to the setting, but often, you can access them via the control panel or system preferences.

3. Check In-Game Sound Settings
Don’t ignore the possibility that the Fortnite game settings may be the culprit. Check the sound settings within the game and make sure they have not been muted or lowered by mistake.

4. Disable Background Applications
Other applications running in the background of your computer might interfere with Fortnite’s audio. Certain software might use the same resources as Fortnite, causing a conflict. Therefore, disabling background applications can resolve the issue.

5. Address Hardware Compatibility
While a rare occurrence, your audio problem may be due to incompatible hardware. If you are using a console or a controller, you may want to check for firmware updates or compatibility issues.

Reaching Out to Epic Games Customer Support

If after trying the above fixes your Fortnite audio is still not working, it may be a more complex issue at hand. In such a scenario, the best course of action is to reach out to Epic Games’ customer support. Provide a detailed explanation of your problem and steps you have already taken to resolve it. Their customer service is incredibly responsive, and they can guide you through the process of resolving your issue.

In conclusion, while the “Fortnite audio not working” problem can be a minor annoyance, it isn’t a game over for you. Armed with the right information and a systematic approach to troubleshooting, you can quickly fix the problem and get back to securing those Victory Royales. Always ensure that your device is updated with the latest software and drivers to avoid such untimely disruptions.

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