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How to fix Moen Garbage Disposal not working?

As a homeowner, you know the importance of maintaining your household appliances, especially the ones we take for granted. One such item is your garbage disposal. When it is working correctly, it can be a great asset. However, when things go wrong, it can quickly become a major problem. We often encounter complaints like ‘my Moen garbage disposal is not working’ — highlighting how common the issue is. But when that happens, panic not, we’ve done the research and are here with reliable solutions!

Identifying the Issue

First, it’s crucial to identify the issue with your Moen garbage disposal. Is it making a humming noise but won’t grind? Is it completely silent? Or maybe you can see it leaking water? Once you’ve identified what the actual issue is, it’ll be easier to pinpoint the solution.

Resetting Your Moen Garbage Disposal

One of the most common solutions to a Moen garbage disposal not working is using the “reset” function. Much like how a computer sometimes needs a reboot to solve a temporary glitch, a garbage disposal can benefit from a reset. Look for a small red button on the bottom of the disposal unit. If it’s popped out, that’s a sign your disposal may have been overloaded, consequently tripping the built-in circuit breaker. Push the button back in to reset the unit. Turn on the water and then the disposal. See if it starts to work as expected.

Freeing a Jammed Disposal

If your disposal is humming but not grinding or draining, it’s likely jammed. Usually, this happens when hard items, such as bones or fruit pits, get stuck in the grinding chamber. Turn off the garbage disposal and unplug it. Look inside the top of the disposal using a flashlight. If you see any foreign objects, use pliers or a long wooden spoon handle to remove them. Be sure never to put your hands inside the grinding chamber.

Checking the Disposal’s Wiring

Another common reason for a Moen garbage disposal not working is loose wiring. However, note that only qualified professionals should attempt to repair electrical wiring. If your disposal is completely silent when you switch it on, it may mean the unit isn’t receiving power. A certified electrician can then check the connection and make any necessary repairs.

Replacing a Broken Disposal

If the above solutions don’t work, and powerful home appliances like your Moen garbage disposal are no longer repairable, it’s time to replace them. Homeowners who have been experiencing problems with their disposals might benefit from researching the latest models. Recent data shows that newer models are more energy efficient and quieter. Plus, they come equipped with modern features like auto-reverse to prevent jamming, which can save you from future headaches.

Understanding how to diagnose and fix your garbage disposal will not only save you money on service calls, it will also make your home more efficient and eco-friendly. After all, a well-maintained garbage disposal is a must for keeping kitchens clean and odor-free, promoting proper waste management, and preserving our environment by reducing the volume of waste going to landfill.

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