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How to fix moneycontrol app not working?

If you’re a keen user of Moneycontrol’s mobile application and recently encountered issues or glitches rendering the app unusable, know that you’re not alone. Despite its robust features and comprehensive investment portfolio management, the Moneycontrol app occasionally suffers hitches that users globally have reported. This article will equip you with proven steps to rectify situations if you find your Moneycontrol app not working, providing you a worry-free experience while maneuvering through the financial market and tracking your investments.

How to fix moneycontrol app not working?

Update the Moneycontrol App

The first and most fundamental step is to ensure your Moneycontrol app is updated to the latest version. App developers routinely release updates with bug fixes, new features, and improvements. Therefore, if the Moneycontrol app is not working, there’s a chance an update might rectify the issue. Visit your respective device’s app store and verify if any updates are available. If they are, download and install them promptly.

Internet Connectivity

Although it may seem rudimentary, checking your internet connection is a crucial step. The Moneycontrol app requires a stable internet connection to function correctly, and an erratic or slow connection might make the app unresponsive or propagate errors.

Clear Cache and Data

Both Android and iOS users can attempt to resolve the “Moneycontrol app not working” issue by clearing their cache and app data. This process clears out any old data that may cause conflicts. On Android, this can be done through settings > apps > Moneycontrol > storage > clear cache and clear data. iOS users can uninstall and re-install the app to achieve an equivalent process.

Technical Support

If none of the above strategies work, consider reaching out to Moneycontrol’s technical support team. Detail your issue, the steps you’ve attempted to resolve it, and any error messages you’ve received. Providing this information will help the support team understand the root cause and provide a suitable solution.


While the “Moneycontrol app not working” problem can be frustrating, it’s usually solvable with a few steps. Updating the app, checking your internet connectivity, clearing cache and data, and finally reaching out to technical support are the suggested pathways to resolution. Therefore, keep these steps in mind, and have a seamless experience with your financial portfolio management.

Furthermore, make it a habit to regularly update the app and clear cache to prevent any potential issues. The focus should be on investing and making reasoned finance decisions, not troubleshooting app issues. After all, staying savvy and ahead when dealing with digital tools is part of navigating today’s dynamic and digital financial landscape.

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