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How to fix windscreen wipers not working?

A torrential downpour can quickly turn from an enjoyable melody on your vehicle’s rooftop to a nerve-wracking ordeal if you’re caught blindsided with malfunctioning windscreen wipers. It’s during such crucial moments that you realise the importance of these mechanical sweepers that swipe the droplets away, providing clear visibility. And that’s exactly what brings us to today’s topic: how to fix windscreen wipers not working?

Recognising The Problem

Dysfunctional windscreen wipers manifest their trouble through remarkably universal symptoms. Slower movement, uneven sweeps, and skipping over certain parts are some common signs of trouble. Ignoring these warnings can lead to a total breakdown, leading to a potentially hazardous situation.

Understanding The Causes

There are a few common causes behind malfunctioning windscreen wipers, with each one requiring a different approach. The problems can range from a blown fuse, defective motor, worn out blades, or a slip in the mechanical linkage. We’ll take a look at each of these in-depth to help you understand how to fix windscreen wipers not working.

Blown Fuse

The fuse is a safety feature, designed to blow and break the circuit before any further damage can occur. If your wipers suddenly stop working, it’s likely that the fuse has blown. This usually happens due to the motor being overworked, like trying to clear heavy snowfall. Replacing a fuse is straightforward— identify the correct fuse from your vehicle’s manual, remove the blown one using a pair of plastic tweezers, and insert a new one of the same rating.

Defective Motor

If the wiper motor is not working, the wipers won’t move at all. A worn-out or burned motor requires replacement, which can be a relatively complex job. It calls for unhooking the motor from the wiper linkage, removing it from the firewall, and installing a new one.

Worn Out Blades

Wiper blades deteriorate with time and constant use, resulting in streaks, squeaking noise or noticeably reduced visibility while in use. Make sure to replace your wiper blades at least once a year. Select the correct size and type as per your vehicle’s recommendation.

Loose Linkage

In case your wiper motor is running and still the wipers aren’t working, it’s likely that there’s a problem with the linkage. If the linkage gets disconnected or loosened, the wiper blades won’t respond to the motor’s movement. Tightening the linkage is a simple fix for a problematic wiper setup.

When to Involve a Professional

If you find yourself unable to diagnose the problem, or if the wipers require a complex repair, it’s best to seek professional assistance. In case the wiper motor or linkage system needs replacement, it’s usually wise to let a mechanic handle the job.

Remember, keeping your windscreen wipers in good working order is not just about avoiding inconvenience; it’s an integral part of ensuring safe driving conditions. So next time you notice something amiss, instead of asking yourself “why are my windscreen wipers not working?”, equip yourself with this knowledge and the readiness to resolve the issue. Ignoring the problem can compromise your safety and potentially lead to costly repair bills down the line.

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