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How to get z2 medals dbl?

The Dragon Ball Legends, popularly known as DBL, has created a buzz amongst gamers worldwide. With its captivating visuals, engaging gameplay, and distinct character roster, it has quickly become an addictive pastime. One exciting feature in the game, which has captured players’ attention, is the quest for collecting Z2 Medals. These highly coveted tokens are employed for a range of in-game enhancements and character-boosting functions. However, obtaining Z2 Medals is a task easier said than done. In this article, we delve deeper into this intriguing crossover between the world of DBL and Z2 Medals, exploring effective strategies on how to get Z2 Medals in DBL.

Understanding Z2 Medals

Z2 Medals are rare items exclusively introduced in DBL. They serve multiple purposes such as unlocking advanced abilities of characters or for exchanging items in the shop. Given their significant role in enhancing gameplay, getting these medals becomes an essential pursuit of every player.

Ways to Get Z2 Medals

Now that you understand the role of Z2 Medals, it is time to shed light on strategies to acquire these coveted items. Although they can’t be bought with real money, several in-game methods can be adopted.

PvP Battles: Participate in Player versus Player (PvP) battles—the primary and the most reliable way of winning Z2 Medals. Top-notch performance in multiple PvP games could reward you with a good number of medals.

Co-op Battles: Team up with your friends or other players in co-op battles to fight against powerful bosses. Successful completion of these missions offers Z2 medals, among other rewards. It’s worth mentioning that taking down bosses with boosted characters can give you a better reward drop rate.

Chronicles: Playing the ‘Legends Road’ Event and completing its ‘Event Stories,’ ‘Challenge Battles,’ and ‘Bonus Battles’ earn you Z2 Medals. The higher the difficulty level, the more the medals you stand to win.

Exchanging in the Medal Shop

The Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash Medal Shop is another place where you can change your hard-earned Battle Medals for Z2 Medals. Always keep an eye on the shop’s inventory since it refreshes every month.

Saving and Spending Z2 Medals Wisely

While it’s crucial to gather as many Z2 Medals as possible, it’s equally important to wisely utilize them. Prioritize unlocking abilities of your favorite characters to gain a distinctive upper hand in future battles.

In the fast-paced and electrifying world of the Dragon Ball Legends, Z2 Medals are undoubtedly a golden ticket to overpowering your foes and making significant strides in the game. Therefore, keep trying different methods, patiently save the medals, and strategically spend them. With these tips in mind, soon you’ll find yourself immersed in the fascinating quest of finding and gathering Z2 Medals in DBL.

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