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Instagram Sound Not Working On iPhone-How to fix?

Instagram has become an integral part of our digital lives, serving as a platform for showcasing talents, sharing life’s precious moments, communicating with loved ones far away, and even promoting businesses. There has been a rise in users sharing and consuming playlists, podcasts, and video content through IGTV, Reels, and Stories on this popular social media platform. However, users have been experiencing a frustrating issue lately – Instagram sound not working on iPhone. This issue is affecting user experience significantly. Let’s dive deeper into this technical hiccup and find out how to fix it.

Understanding the Issue

Based on user reports, the problem typically manifests itself in two ways. Some users experience no sound in Instagram videos at all, while others encounter issues only with the sound of Instagram Stories. Regardless of how it presents, this problem can be quite annoying, especially if Instagram is your main entertainment or communication platform. What’s causing this sluggish behavior from the sound, which might as well be the lifeblood of these video contents?

Identifying The Causes

Silent Mode: The most common reason for Instagram sound not working on iPhone is that the Silent Mode is activated. On an iPhone, Silent Mode prevents notifications, alerts, calls, and system sounds from making any noise.

App Glitches: Technological hiccups happen to even the best of apps. Outdated versions of Instagram or iPhone’s OS, or technical glitches on Instagram’s server, might cause the Instagram sound not to work.

Incorrect App Settings: Incorrect audio settings in the Instagram app itself can lead to the disabling of sound.

Troubleshooting the Problem

Check The Silent Mode: Ensure that your iPhone’s Silent Mode is off. If your phone is on silent, then the Instagram videos won’t play with sound.

Update Your App and Phone: Keep your Instagram app and iPhone’s OS updated. Always install the latest updates as they usually contain fixes for bugs and glitches.

Toggle the Sound On in Instagram: Instagram has a separate sound control. So, try clicking on the loudspeaker icon in the bottom left corner of the video.

Recheck Your App’s Permission: Make sure Instagram has the necessary permissions to access your phone’s audio. You can manage this in your iPhone’s Settings.

When All Else Fails

If Instagram sound is still not working on iPhone, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. While this method is a bit drastic, it’s often effective.

Latest Updates on Instagram

Instagram continually works hard to improve its user’s experience. According to recent statistics, Instagram had an estimated 1 billion active users worldwide in 2020, and the numbers keep trending upwards. With such a vast user base, Instagram has a duty to ensure smooth functioning of all features.

In January 2021, numerous users reported the Instagram sound not working issue. Instagram promptly acknowledged the problem and assured users that it was working on resolving the issue. The company encouraged users to keep their apps updated to take advantage of any bug fixes and improvements.

In conclusion, while Instagram sound not working on an iPhone can be a frustrating issue, there are several fixes you can try. With Instagram’s ongoing commitment to user satisfaction, you can be confident that any widespread issues will receive attention. Regularly updated apps and vigilant attention to settings like Silent Mode and App Permissions are crucial for a smooth, unhindered Instagram experience.

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