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Instagram Notifications Not Working-How to fix?

Battery low warnings, missed calls, and unread emails all vie for our attention through the relentless barrage of notifications we receive daily on our smartphones. However, there’s one notification that many of us eagerly await – the chirp or vibration signaling a like, comment, or follow on Instagram. Unfortunately, for some users, Instagram notifications just aren’t working. If you’re part of this group, fret not! With some investigation and a little know-how, you can troubleshoot this issue and restore those notifications to full working order.

Understanding the Problem

The reason why Instagram notifications stop working, simply put, is not always one-dimensional. Various factors are potentially at play, including issues with the mobile device, Instagram application, or even Instagram’s own servers. For instance, an outdated Instagram app or a glitch in your phone’s software could be responsible.

The Usual Suspects: Checking Device and App Settings

A lot of times, the glitch isn’t originating from Instagram’s side at all, but rather from our own device or app settings. It’s critical to rule these out first:

Check your device’s notification settings. They should be enabled for Instagram, enabling your device to play sounds, display banners, or send alerts every time there’s an activity on your Instagram account.

Look at Instagram’s in-app settings. Are notifications enabled for likes, comments, follower requests, etc? You can do this by going to Settings > Notifications in your Instagram app.

Advanced Troubleshooting Methods

If none of the basic fixes work, there are other time-tested approaches to the ‘Instagram notifications not working’ issue.

‘Force stop’ and restart the Instagram app. Sometimes, continually running applications can experience minor glitches, which can be fixed by force-stopping the app and relaunching it.

Update the Instagram app. An outdated version of the app could result in notification failure. Ensure your Instagram app is up to date by visiting your device’s respective app store.

Reinstall the Instagram app. This might seem drastic, but sometimes, the best way to eliminate any app-related bugs and glitches is to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Remember to back up any important data before doing so.

Reset Network Settings. This often resolves notification-related glitches that are linked to internet connectivity issues. Navigate to your device’s settings menu to locate this option.

What about Instagram itself?

While most notification issues arise from device or app settings, sometimes the problem may indeed lie with Instagram itself. Users around the world rely on Instagram notifications working correctly, and it’s rare—but not unheard of—for Instagram’s servers to run into a glitch causing notification failures.

To check if Instagram is down or experiencing issues, you can rely on online outage detection services, or simply check Instagram’s official Twitter handle for any official announcements.

The Role of Data in Troubleshooting

2019 data shows that Instagram boasts over 500 million daily active users, with the average user spending nearly half an hour scrolling and double-tapping on their feed. When you consider the immense volume of notifications generated by such activity, it’s easy to understand the scope of potential notification-related glitches.

In troubleshooting these glitches, data is vital. Users sharing their experiences on forums, social media, and other platforms can provide important clues and solutions to similarly affected users. In fact, forums like Reddit were where the ‘Force Stop’ solution first gained popularity back in 2018.

While it’s frustrating when Instagram notifications are not working, the comforting news is that in most cases, there are fixes available that will restore order to your feed—and peace to your day.

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