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Tiktok Slideshow Not Working-How to fix?

The rapidly evolving world of video sharing apps offers several fun features to improve user engagement and satisfaction. One such popular platform, TikTok, has gathered worldwide acclaim with its creative toolkit that brings out the artist in everyone. Yet, like any other technology, it’s sometimes prone to glitches that can hinder your creative journey. Recently, users have reported an issue involving the TikTok slideshow feature not working properly, impacting their ability to curate a seamless string of pictures and videos. But worry not, we’ve delved into the complexities of this issue and assembled a robust guide to overcoming this hurdle and revamping your TikTok experience.

Understanding the Issue: TikTok Slideshow Glitch

The TikTok application is notorious for routine updates to enhance functionality and user experience. These updates, however powerful they may be, sometimes lead to unforeseen complications. One such recent implication is a malfunction in the slideshow feature, which proves to be a core function in the creation process. Users express their frustration as they’re unable to assemble their images and videos into a fluid slideshow, causing a major dent in their content creation.

Probing the Cause

The root cause of the TikTok slideshow not working can be as simple as an outdated app version or as complex as device compatibility issues or server problems. However, there is no concrete statement on the cause from the TikTok technical team yet. Therefore, troubleshooting can be a trial and error process before you hit the solution bullseye.

Fixing TikTok Slideshow: Clear Cache

One widely applicable remedy to numerous app glitches lies in your device’s cache management. Over time, your TikTok app fills with cached data, which may lead to function impairments. To clear the TikTok cached data, head over to ‘App Info’ on your device, tap on ‘Storage Usage’, and then ‘Clear Data’. The downside, however, is that you will lose your login credentials and have to re-login into the app.

Update the App

The fix for the TikTok slideshow not working could be as simple as updating the app. The constant updates from the TikTok team aim at fixing bugs, and updating your app to the latest version could solve the issue immediately.

Re-install the App

While it may sound drastic, uninstalling the TikTok application and reinstalling it has proven to be an effective solution for many users, especially when dealing with glitches like the TikTok slideshow not functioning correctly. By doing this, it allows for a clean install, permitting any updates or patches needed to function correctly.


In conclusion, while it can be frustrating when you’re in the mood to create a scintillating slideshow and you encounter this glitch, patience is key. Applying the above steps systematically not only offers a valid chance of rectifying the TikTok slideshow issue, but it also contributes towards a smoother and more responsive TikTok experience. Finally, rest assured that TikTok’s robust technical team is likely working tirelessly on more refined bug fixes and updates, as part of their commitment to user satisfaction and creative freedom.

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