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League Voice Chat Not Working-How to fix?

Esports enthusiasts, long-time gamers and casual players alike know that clear and seamless communication is fundamental to thriving in League of Legends. But what happens when the League voice chat stops working, disrupting your strategy mid-game? You’re left floundering, attempting to convey your strategy via text, but it’s just too slow. Delays can lose battles, and lost battles can lose the war. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best solutions for when your League voice chat isn’t working, so you can get back on summoner’s rift as quickly as possible.

Diagnosing The Problem

Before you can embark on a solution for your League voice chat not working, you first need to pinpoint the root cause of the issue. There are numerous reasons why your voice chat may fail in League of Legends; from server problems to bugs within your PC’s operating system.

Ensuring Your Microphone is Properly Configured

Many a time when we’re trying to resolve League voice chat malfunction we overlook the simplest of things ie., our hardware. Your first stop should be your computer’s sound settings. Make sure that the correct input device–your microphone–is selected under the recording devices section. Further, verify that the device is not switched off or mute.

Checking League Client Settings

After confirming that your sound settings are in check, you’ll want to look at the client settings in the League of Legends game itself. Ensure that you have the voice chat feature enabled and that it’s set to the correct input and output devices. Also, do not forget to check if the microphone volume is turned up.

Update your system drivers

If the problem remains persistent even after correctly configuring both your computer and client settings, then outdated or misconfigured drivers may be at fault. As our gaming experience heavily relies on audio drivers, updating them can make a significant difference in resolving the League voice chat issues.

Repair the Client

With League of Legends, they provide you with a handy feature which can repair and renew game files. In some instances, these game files may become corrupt, leading to the League voice chat not working. Always remember that taking advantage of the repair tool within the game system can solve a myriad of issues.

Check Server Status

After all troubleshooting efforts, if you’re still faced with the voice chat not working, there may be a server-side problem. The League of Legends server does occasionally undergo maintenance, leading to faults in-game features, including voice chat. Checking the server status can help identify if this is disrupting your communication in-game, with confirmation available through official Riot Games communication channels.

Often it can feel frustrating when you’re braced and ready for the game, but your League voice chat decides not to cooperate. Remember that a solution is rarely beyond reach. Whether it’s your computer settings, the game settings, or server issues, comprehending these problems and potential fix-points can swiftly restore your seamless gaming communication experience, and ensure you can call out “gank” or “dragon” as soon as you spot an opportunity.

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