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Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus – How to fix?

As the digital landscape continually evolves and becomes more intricate, the importance of prioritizing our cyber safety can never be overemphasized. When it comes to browsing the internet, you’ll want to use a browser that is not only efficient but also guarantees your online privacy. Unfortunately, even the most robust tools such as Microsoft Edge can encounter challenges. A common problem plaguing many users today is the so-called Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus—an intrusive issue that disrupts smooth browsing experiences. With the increasing prevalence of this issue, getting to know more about the Microsoft Edge WebView2 runtime virus and learning how to fix it has become a necessity.

Understanding The Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is a critical web technology set implemented by Microsoft in its new Chromium-based Edge browser. This technology allows the browser to support modern applications, ensuring seamless online operations. Recently, however, some users have reported a mysterious occurrence referred to as the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus. This “virus” is not an actual virus, but an automatic update error that prompts constant, disruptive notifications, giving a perception of a viral attack.

The Impact of The Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus

This issue affects your online experience, prompting repeated and unnecessary notifiers – creating an environment that is not conducive to efficient work or browsing. It also absorbs valuable PC resources, leading to the slow-running of other applications. It is thus pivotal to quickly address and fix this problem to ensure a smoother browsing experience.

How To Fix The Microsoft Edge WebView2 Virus

Perform A Full System Scan: Initially, you might want to carry out a comprehensive system scan with your preferred antivirus program. This action would rule out the possibility of any existing actual viruses causing the issue.

Reinstall The Microsoft Edge: If the problem persists, consider reinstalling the Microsoft Edge browser. Uninstall and download the latest version, ensuring that the automatic updates are enabled to keep the software up-to-date.

System Restore: Another option for those facing the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus problem is to perform a system restore. By reverting back your system to a point before the installation of the recent updates, you could effectively rid your PC of the problem.


Ultimately, the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus, while bothersome, is not an insurmountable challenge. By following the steps outlined above, you can eliminate the nag, thereby reclaiming your browsing experience. It should be remembered that regular system checks and software updates are crucial to preventing similar issues from arising in the future.

As the world continues to turn more digital, it is essential to stay safe and keep your devices free from disturbances like the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Virus. Anticipate potential problems, arm yourself with knowledge, and face the digital age with confidence. While this issue requires immediate attention, it’s a sound reminder of the imperativeness of taking proactive steps in maintaining our digital health.

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