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Minecraft Lan Not Showing Up-How to fix?

Picture this: You and your friends decide to engage in a thrilling, yet relaxing game of Minecraft. Your digital worlds are ready, the gaming spirits are high, and the server is all set for a multiplayer match. However, just when you are about to dive into this landscape of square-shaped wonders, an issue pops up — Minecraft LAN not showing up. This unexpected glitch can seriously dampen your gaming spirits. But fret not, this common problem is solvable, and this article will provide a comprehensive insight into how to resolve it.

Understanding Minecraft’s LAN Issues

Minecraft’s Local Area Network (LAN) function is a feature that allows players to connect their games on the same network and enjoy a multiplayer match. However, due to various reasons, this feature may not work as expected, leading to the Minecraft LAN not showing up issue.

Sharing the Same Network

One primary prerequisite for the LAN feature to work is that the players must share the same local network. If this condition is not met, the LAN feature will consequently not show up in Minecraft, preventing a multiplayer game from being set up.

How To Fix The Minecraft LAN Not Showing Up

The solutions range from basic fixes like restarting your router or device to more complex solutions such as adjusting your firewall settings. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Restarting Your Device and Router

It might sound simple, but in many cases, the problem lies in the hardware itself. Disconnecting and reconnecting your router, or restarting your device, can fix minor network issues causing this glitch.

Check Firewall Settings

At times, the device’s firewall rules might block Minecraft’s LAN feature. It’s crucial to verify whether Minecraft is allowed through your device’s Firewall. If not, changing the settings can solve your issue.

Use Minecraft’s Latest Version

Running an outdated version of Minecraft also often leads to compatibility issues, resulting in the LAN not showing up. Ensure that all players in the network are using Minecraft’s latest version.

Advanced Solutions

When basic solutions prove to be futile, it might be an indication of more serious issues. Here are a few advanced solutions you can try:

Direct Connect

In some cases, when the LAN doesn’t show up automatically, you can manually connect to the server. One player will need to open their game to LAN and the remaining players have to use the direct connect feature to join the network. Use the host player’s IP address followed by the port number displayed when the LAN game was started.

Use a Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow players to create a local network over the internet, effectively bypassing some of the common causes that result in Minecraft’s LAN not showing up. Using a VPN, like Hamachi, all the players can connect to the same network and play together.


While it can be annoying when the Minecraft LAN does not show up, these simple and advanced solutions can help you overcome such issues. Remember, your gaming journey might sometimes face a few obstacles, but there are plenty of ways to overcome them and continue on your thrilling, square-shaped adventures.

Music to the ears of gaming enthusiasts all over, the developers at Minecraft are constantly working to smooth out these issues, ensuring that their product provides a seamless and enriched gaming experience to all their users.

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