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Playstation Vue Location Error-How to fix?

When it comes to streaming live TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue is a popular choice amongst consumers. Its superior range of channels, the option to watch multiple channels at once, and the access to watch “anywhere, anytime” is appealing to many. However, it’s not without its quirks. One of the most common problems users run across is the PlayStation Vue Location Error, sometimes referred to as the dreaded PS Vue Location Error. If you’ve come up against this frustrating stoppage, don’t despair. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the potential causes for this error and explore ways in which it can be corrected.

Understanding the PlayStation Vue Location Error

The PlayStation Vue Location Error is a pop-up message that typically reads, “PlayStation Vue has detected a change in your home location,” or, “We’ve detected that you’re outside of your home network.” This issue usually results from two predicaments: either you are logging in from an unrecognized location, or there is an issue with your IP address.

Why Does this Happen?

Sony’s PlayStation Vue has a strict policy about accessing its service only from your ‘home location’. The location is set when you first sign up, and PlayStation Vue compares this initial location with your current one every time you log in.

For the PS Vue Location Error to show up, the service has either failed to verify your location or wrongly identified it. PlayStation Vue uses the IP address to trace the location. Therefore, an error, such as an IP address discrepancy, often triggers the location error.

How to Fix the PlayStation Vue Location Error

The first thing to do when the PlayStation Vue Location Error crops up is to check your internet connection. If you’re using a VPN or proxy, disable it, since PlayStation Vue’s terms of service do not allow them.

If there’s no problem with the connection, the next step is to cross-check if PlayStation Vue correctly recognizes your location. This can be done by visiting numerous “What’s my IP address” websites and confirming that the address detected matches your actual location.

If your location is not identified correctly, it is advised to contact your Internet Service Provider. They can often step in to resolve any inconsistency or mismatch with your IP address. But, if all checks are in order but the error persists, resetting your home network might be the solution.

Resetting Your Home Network

Complete the process to reset your home network via the PlayStation Vue application or by contacting Vue’s customer service. It should remove the location error by updating and resetting your home location.

However, be alert. You are only allowed a limited number of network resets within a certain period. Too many in a short span might lead to temporary deactivation of your account.

Utilizing Your Device’s GPS

Occasionally, the error could stem from the PlayStation Vue not being able to access the GPS of your device. In such cases, allowing PlayStation Vue access to your device’s location services can fix the problem.


The PlayStation Vue Location Error can be a persistent nuisance for users. However, by understanding why it occurs and the steps to resolve it, you can enjoy a seamless TV streaming experience. Remember, it’s crucial to ensure that your location is correct and matches your home network to prevent any disruptions.

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