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Premium bond app not working – Solutions

The digital sphere has drastically changed the way we conduct our transactions – the National Savings and Investments’ Premium Bond App not being an exception. However, like any other digital product, it occasionally experiences issues that frustrate its countless users. In the face of these frustrations, we’ve dived deep into researching solutions when the Premium Bond App refuses to cooperate, tirelessly searching for answers tailored for you.

Understanding the Premium Bond App

Premium Bonds, offered by National Savings and Investments, is a savings account you can put money into and, rather than earn regular interest, you’re entered into a monthly £1 million prize draw. The Premium Bond app is a user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your bonds and check up on your winnings if you’re lucky.

Frequent Issues and Solutions with Premium Bond App

Our research reveals two recurring issues with the Premium Bond app: login problems and unresponsive behavior. Luckily, they also come with straightforward solutions you can follow.

Login Problems

Often, users complain about the app refusing to let them access their account. This could be due to incorrect login credentials or an error in the application. If you forget your password, you can reset it from the login page. If the issue persists and you’re sure your credentials are correct, try reinstalling the app, ensuring you download the latest version available.

Unresponsive Behaviour

At times, the app doesn’t react when you tap on your screen or continuously crashes. An unresponsive app can be fixed by clearing the app’s cache or updating your device software. Remember to check for app updates too as developers frequently release updates to address known bugs and improve app performance.

Contact NS&I for Support

If the above suggestions don’t seem to solve the issue, don’t fret. NS&I customer support is available to assist. You can reach out to them via phone, email or through their website.

Migrating to Online Options

While the Premium bond app is a convenient way to manage your bond, it’s not the only way. NS&I offers an online platform where you can perform your transactions. Yes, it might not be as handy as your app, but it’s an equally reliable alternative.


To manage technology, especially when it’s not working as expected, can be incredibly frustrating. However, understanding frequent issues and solutions linked to the Premium Bond app not working, topped with a little bit of patience, can go a long way in curbing these frustrations. At the end of the day, don’t forget, it’s technology, and a little hiccup here and there is part of the territory with the world’s relentless drive towards digitization.

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