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What is Helldivers 2 best weapons?

Table-top gaming and intense all-round action collide in the universe of Helldivers 2, a game where weapons not only define your gameplay strategy but also significantly influence your rate of survival. Anyone who has played this game understands how integral specific firearms and stratagems are to winning. For those unfamiliar or those hoping to improve their skills, let’s delve deeper into the world of Helldivers 2 and explore the powerhouse weaponry that stands between you and defeat.

The Democracy-Promoting Melee Weapons

Bashing your enemies to oblivion has never been as satisfying as it is in Helldivers 2. The Bayonet and the Sickles dominate the category of melee destruction. The bayonet’s high lethality ensures that you inflict substantial damage on your adversaries. In contrast, the sickles provide a speedier approach to taking down your foes and also afford a degree of flexibility, making them excellent choices for players more agile with their controls.

Primary Weapons: The Cornerstone of Your Loadout

As in any action game, selecting the right primary weapon is paramount. The Breaker, the Justice, and the Trident clearly stand out within the lineup of Helldivers 2 tools of destruction. The Breaker is a formidable semi-automatic shotgun that is as useful at close range as it is in keeping multiple enemies at bay. The Justice, on the other hand, is an assault rifle that’s popular due to its high rate of fire and armor-piercing ammunition, providing a balance between control and damage. Lastly, the Trident, easily one of the game’s most potent weapons, is a laser shotgun with incredible spread and damage potential, making it a favorite among many players.

Secondary Weapons: The Tactical Decision

In the frantic combat of Helldivers 2 where you are always outnumbered and overwhelmed, the right secondary weapon can be a true game-changer. The Pistols and the Obliterator Grenade Launcher are often the top choices. Pistols offer players the chance to save their primary ammo while still delivering significant damage, with the Singe and the Peacemaker being standout options. On the other hand, the Obliterator gives Helldivers massive destructive capabilities, allowing them to eliminate clusters of enemies in one fell swoop.

Stratagems: The Power in Your Pocket

Stratagems, or on-demand support options, offer a unique twist to the game’s dynamics. From resupplies and defensive turrets to orbital strikes and mechanized combat suits, the choices are wide and varied. Strategic players often lean towards defensive stratagems like the REP-80 healing gun and the SH-32 shield, which protect the team from enemy damage. Offensive enthusiasts, however, enjoy utilizing the strategems like the Airstrike and Railcannon Strike, which can obliterate anything in their path.

While it’s worth noting that there isn’t a definitive “best weapon” due to the tactical nature of Helldivers 2, certain weapons certainly shine in specific game situations. Hence, it’s crucial for players to understand their playing style and preferences, and adapt their loadout accordingly. So gear up, Helldivers! The fate of Super Earth is in your hands.

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