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Yuzu Stuck On Launching-How to fix?

Yuzu is a popular open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch, highly revered for its ability to provide a realistic gaming experience on a home computer. However, users occasionally grapple with a frustrating problem: Yuzu getting stuck on the launching. It could be due to varying reasons from outdated versions, corrupt files, or improper setup. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled some effective solutions that can help you get past the freezing screen and back into your game.

Ensure Yuzu is Up-to-date

First and foremost, ensure your Yuzu emulator is up-to-date. An outdated version might be incompatible with recent games, causing them to get stuck while launching. Navigate to the official Yuzu website and check for the latest updates. Also, keep in mind that frequent updates are not uncommon in the world of emulation software. So, staying up-to-date could save you further headaches.

Verify the Game Files

If the issue is not resolved by updating Yuzu, it’s likely that the game files might be corrupt or missing. Some illegitimate or incomplete copies of Nintendo Switch games might miss out on certain data. Always ensure you’re downloading games from reputable sources. You could also verify the integrity of the game files and replace any corrupt files, which might get Yuzu unstuck from the launching phase.

Set up System Archives

Next, proper setup of system archives affects how well Yuzu runs. Without these files, Yuzu might get stuck trying to launch games because the emulator may fail to simulate the Nintendo Switch environment effectively. To evade this, you might need to download these archives from the Nintendo Switch console itself, which can be a bit tricky for beginners.

Configure GPU Settings

A misconfigured GPU setting could also be the culprit behind Yuzu getting stuck on launching. Check the emulator’s graphic settings to ensure they are set correctly. Switching from Vulkan Renderer to OpenGL, for instance, has fixed the launching issue for some users. Similarly, if you have any graphics shader cache, it might help to delete it. Outdated graphics drivers too can play havoc so keeping them updated can solve this issue.

Disable Antivirus Software

Occasionally, your antivirus software might identify false positives within Yuzu’s files due to their similarity to Nintendo Switch data, leading to the freezing issue. Disabling your antivirus temporarily or whitelisting the Yuzu folder could potentially resolve this.


From updating the Yuzu emulator to verifying game files, setting up system archives, configuring GPU settings, or even temporarily disabling antivirus software, there are various ways to counteract when Yuzu gets stuck on launching. But, as with any technical solution, the effectiveness will largely depend on the cause of the issue. Remember, it’s imperative that you use legitimate copies of games to prevent any legal ramifications.

So, here’s your guide to reclaim the gaming fun from the jaws of Yuzu’s launching glitch. While we hope that these steps will help you resolve the issue, always remember to seek expert advice if you are unsure about any procedure. After all, the world of gaming and emulation can be complicated, but the rewards can be fantastic, with endless hours of enjoyment ahead once you get past the initial hurdles.

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